Which 5*s are worth leveling?

As you can see, ive got a very limited 5* roster since im vc2p. Azlar was my first, got him from tc20 so thats why i leveled him, so kind of stuck with him at this point.

Currently working on Leo, Gallard, R&N. Holding on Octros and Ariel for now since they are both leveled to the point where they are very good for me. Ill finish them after the ither red and blue as im working towards building more depth for AW.

Other than Lianna(I think), are any of the others worth keeping or should I mark them for Soul Exchange.

Speaking of SE, i have 2 TC20 running that have 45 heroes ready to collect. I havent uet because i didnt want to waste the roster space with more 5* who id eventually be exchanging. At this point, im thinking i wait for the next SE since even if i do get to 10 heroes worth exchanging, the options dont look so great.

Appreciate your thoughts!

You have some great hero and some Soul Exchange fodder. C Leo, Octros, Ariel, Galliard, R&N are all very worthy. Peppermint is pretty good too but the rest I’d save for the exchange.



R&N is a great mana farmer. Her and Khufu have been destroying raid teams


The only thought I had differently than you was that maybe Peppermint was SE fodder as well?

That’s an event hero. Currently maybe behind the others but I’d keep and speculate for a buff. As vctp you probably won’t get her again. Please don’t feed :slight_smile: p-p-p-pllease :slight_smile:

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Some say that but with a limited roster I think Peppermint would get good use.


I hadnt considered the buff, although it seems SG is more interested in pumping out more new heroe$$$ and nerfing overpowered ones than buffing the ones who need it :wink:

you’re right but to the truth belongs also that they buff heroes before the portal opens. :slight_smile:

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