Which 4* worth multiple copies?

Hello all,

Have been playing since June this year, now have 8 maxed 4 stars, 12 4stars sitting at 3-60, 9 unleveled 5 stars, and many many duplication of 4 stars.

As moving forward I will continue level up some 4 stars and maybe touch on some 5 * once I have enough mats.

But for now, I have way too many duplicated 4 stars, wonder which one I can feed away, which 4 stars worth multiple copies for each color (for war, raids and titans)?

Thank you!

Dude take a screen shot of your heros
Post it then people can give you more guidance!

For classic 4 *, I have at least 3 copies of each.
While some have more than 3:
Chao -> 6 copies
Scarlett -> 5 copies
Kashhrek -> 5 copies

While non classic 4 stars, have 3 each of these below:

Which 4* worth multiple copies? Which can definitely feed away ?
Thank you!

Healers - BT /Kiril / Rigard / Mel / Sabina
Debuffers - Grimm / Wilbur
Color debuff - Jackal/Falcon

Attackers - Triton / Caedmon
Mana control - Proteus / Hansel / Merlin(maybe)
Silence - Peters

Depending on your roster, the top 3 criteria are the most important.



Since hero capacity seems not to be an issue:


BoldTusk: all of them up to 6
Wilbur: all of them up to 6
Scarlett: 2
Gormek: 2
Colen & Kelile: 1 of each…


Kiril: All of them up to 6
Grimm: 2-3
Sonya: 2
Boril: 2 (use them as flanks to cover all ur team)
Triton: 2
Agwe: 1


Melendor: 2
Caedmon: 2
Skittle, Little John, Kashrek, Gadeirus, Gobbler: 1


Sabina: 2
Rigard: 2
Tiburtus: 2
Cyprian: 2 (same as Boril riposte)

If by any chance can get Proteus from Atlantis I will keep 6 of them also…


Wu: 2-3
Chao: 2
Li Xiu & Hu Tao: 1

If you summon events there are also some worth heroes to keep them:


Hansel: all of them up to 6 (Green)
Gretel: 2 (Yellow)


Jackal: 2 (Yellow)
Falcon: 2 (Red)


Merlin: 2 (Purple)
Lancelot: 2 (Red)

This is my personal choice, according to my play style, of course could be other valid recommendations…


Honestly only need 1 each of kashrek, Wilbur and gad.

The heroes you should be having duplicates are:
BT, Rigard, Kiril, Hansel, Proteus

Some key heroes you should be lvling are dispellers, defense down, and healers.
Mel, caedmon, Sonya, sabina
Grimm, tibs, buddy, gormek

Next week, suggest do some pulls in guardians for two of the best 4* jackal and falcon.
Big kudos if you pull panther (my most prized hero)

Last, if you don’t have Tarlak, Ranvir, Miki, then get a Wu for titans.

Among your heroes, I have a maxed Scarlett and Triton. My Chao, agwe are flat.


Thank you so very much for the list. I have spent some gems to expand my roster cap to almost 250.

But sometime too many is just too many. I don’t think I will ever need 5 kashhrek, it is good to know which one I can feed themselves to level up much faster.

Do you think Rigard should also be 6 of them as well since he seems to be the only 4* can duff the allies?

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Thank you so much!

For debuff you have Grimm, but not included gormek or Tib, do you mind to elaborate a bit more on that please?

Sure… It is a good reason to keep 6, but as soon you get some *5, there u can get more options to cover cleaning (Vivica, Ariel, Kunchen) even since they are *5 would take some time (or resources) to get them… but you can adjust list depending on which *5 u will get in the process… This list was thinking to provide a functional depth for Alliance Wars…

Maxed out Wilbur kreshek kreshek kreshek wilbur
Wouldn’t be fun!

Thank you for your suggestion!

I definitely look forward to getting jackal next week. My yellows are very mediocre so the only maxed yellow I have now is just Wu, others are sitting at 3-60. I am waiting for someone more worthy for the mats.

I believe jackal will be great! Hopefully a 4* shouldn’t be that hard to get.

Well, I do have 5 muggy sitting there as well. I was strongly considering maxing all to see how they work… but only when I have no one else to level, which will never happen :rofl:

Red has Wilbur.

Grimm is the usually the chosen one with the higher offense.

Gormek will be chosen if you have no Wilbur and he is better in some cases with high HP.

Tibertus only for purple stack.

Other than that I keep one of each.

Exact same situation for me :smiley: hope I get as lucky pulling guardians as I have with other pulls.

When I see those post the question would have been easier to ask whom NOT to keep as copy :rofl:

I agree. When someone ask me what classic 4 * hero I am referring to, it is like I have EVERY SINGLE classic 4* times 3. Especially if you summon at least 3 times a months…

So what is your NOT to keep 4 * hero? Maybe that is easier…

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I will approach this a bit differently. If you have 3 copies of every classic 4* hero, I’d seriously be willing to get that down to 2 copies of almost any of them maximum.

So I’d create room by first feeding those spare copies of Kashhrek, Chao, and Scarlett to one of the identical heroes to help get their specials up.

Additionally, I am pretty sure you will be fine getting Agwe & Gaderius down to 2 from 3. Eventually, you’ll get 5* heroes to work on, and/or figure out which heroes you don’t like much.

The only hero I have 2 of with XP is Wu Kong, and that was more due to no options, than a solid plan - Wu was my first 2 or 3 4* yellows. Boldtusk is in line to be my second duplicated hero.

Thank you for your suggestion. I will definitely feed some of them to themselves to speed up the process.

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