Which duplicate 3* & 4* heroes you think are worth leveling?

So, as many players ask themselves which dupes to keep and which to feed away, i thought I start a thread to discuss, share experience and maybe help other players to clean up their rosters without making mistakes they might regret. There are a few dupes waiting like forever to get leveled but I still keep them, cause I really think they are worth it. Others somehow are not really great but awesome in certain tournaments.

If you reply, please explain for what purpse you would think the duplicate would be good for. (Raid Tournaments, war, challenges!?) And how many copies would be worth leveling?

I will start with a list of dupes I keep and the ones I am uncertain about whether I should keep them or not.

4 star purple

Rigard (Costumed) - Many people consider him the best healer in the game due to his cleanse effect. With costume even stronger. Have only one maxed but keep another 5 to use them in wars once leveled.

Proteus - Already two maxed, permanently in my purple raid team (I usually play 4-1). A third one still waiting, unsure if I would need a third one for wars.

Tiburtus (Costumed) - Not really sure about him. I like his costume though and he might get a use in war once I have enough purples for a second purple team. Since 5 Rigards + a recently summoned Merlin are still waiting, I will probably feed him soon.

4 star yellow

The only here I think could be interesting a second time would be Li Xiu, but only for purple-banned rush tournaments (in combination with wilbur). Maybe to niche to make her worth it.

4 star blue

Kiril - Also great healer with def+atk buff. Got two of them recently but couldn’t level any of them yet.

4 star green

Buddy - Got two of them last christmas event. Love him since he is leveled. A second one would do great in tournaments, I bet. Pretty sure to keep that one.

Melendor (Costumes) - Never really liked him. But I got his costume this week and that seems to make him quite a good healer. Maybe I keep one duplicate.

Gadeirus - Have one leveled but barely use him. About him I have the same thoughts as about Li Xiu. But then again: If I had 2 Buddys in the tournament defense, no need for 2 Gadeirus. Still somehow didn’t feel like feeding him away yet.

4 star red

Wilbur - Have on talent 20 and I love him. Two more waiting on the bench. But for AW, I might level them one day

Boldtusk (with Costume) - Also great healer. Unsure yet how many of them I should keep, since there are already all the Rigards waiting…

3 stars

I have often seen 3* challenge team consisting of five copies of the same 3 star hero. Which ones you think are important to have for raid tournaments and challenges? Besides Snipers also AoE heroes and maybe Chochin could be useful to have more than once in raid tournaments? Which 3 stars are your favourites and worth to have twice or even more often?

3 - Stars

I use to post benches, but they have been comming out too fast for me to keep up (and I failed to pull guardian bat).

Basically the fast heroes are good to have duplicates of. General rule is that Event heroes are better than S2 and S2 is better than S1 with some exceptions like costumes.

4 -Stars… The top of the game

Jackal and Rigard (especially costumed) see the most repeats. Kiril, BT and Melendor may see some, but not as much.

Jackal goes far to deepen benches against purple war tanks and duplicates work well together in epic tournaments. Costumed Rigard outshines all purple healers and many 5* healers of any color.

BT, Falcon and Wilbur may see more duplicates as more Green tanks spring up with the March HOTM and S3.


The healing roster of BT, Rigard, Kiril and Melendo. Sabina might make it after costume.

Mana control roster with Hansel at top followed by Proteus, Merlin, Peters and Gretel.

Other fast\average speed costume heroes like Sonya are worth it as they can be beefed up without having to spend emblems.

Jackal…as always…being a very fast sniper he can augment multiple teams or stack with each other on a single team.


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