4* duplicates – which do you keep doubles of and why?

the ? that always plagues my mind is what heroes to keep doubles of especially in the 4* category so who do you have doubles off and why

3x Boldtusk
3x Rigard
2x Kiril
2x Melendor
2x Sabina
2x Jackal
3x Wilbur
2x Proteus
2x Grimm
2x Triton

All are kept primarily for options on war teams. Hansel would be a great one too to have multiples of, but I haven’t summoned one yet.

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nice i’m overloaded so i’m hoping seeing everyones answer will make it easier to part with some

Keep in mind that this advice only applies for those who already have a deep, deep bench of heroes with lots of 4stars and several 5stars to choose from… if that doesn’t sound like you; then don’t feed away any of your 4stars yet. That’s my disclaimer to those who may be lurking.

I would always keep at least one 4star and 5star of each kind of hero. It is good practice to do so; you never know if they will get buffed. The most current example were the introduction of classes; some heroes got a brand new life thanks to them.

Anyways; I find most of the slow 4stars like Skittleskull or Colen I end up feeding. Those I don’t see myself keeping more than one when faster and/or stronger heroes exist.

And the good ones I keep duplicates of are usually healers (Rigard, Boldtusk, Kirril), any unique buffers (Wu Kong) and anyone else I note who has a very helpful effect (Proteus, Triton, Sir Lancelot, Grimm).


makes sense in my case i have 3 grimms and sonya just still at the point wher feeding 4s bugs me

Depending on your level, you may find a dupe Falcon is helpful for AW too. Kashhrek is pretty common as a tank…


Sonya/Caedmon are other good 4* to have multiples of. The debuff can come in handy on fast mana heroes.


I never got a 2nd falcon, but you’re exactly right!

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wish i had him just got my first event hero in wonderland failed on the others

thanks for adjusting my title zephyr

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everyone annoyed with slow mana, but for instance Colen has a great atack stat. I have 3 of them, 1-maxed, 2nd 3.60 and just got another one. I also have Wilbur which is avarage and one of top 4*. The difference to fill mana not big, but when those 3 goes of - battle is done. I also have Gormer at 3.60 - but use very very rarely, if Ihave no other choice. Gormek 473 att 469 def against Colen’s 605 446 - feel the difference. The same is Skitle - with great attack which is good for colour stacking. Everything depends on your game style and roster you’ve got

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I used to keep one of each 4 and 5* plus all Rigards for war. Now that I have Kunchen I might feed a few of them, I have too many heroes to level to keep all Rigards from now…

As many Proteus as you have war teams.


Here is my roster. The extras I keep for various reasons. I have room right now so it is ok.

3*'s are to complete rare events again.
The other unlevelled is because they are pretty good and maybe one day I will use them and I have room currently.
A couple of the 5* are just cuz they are 5* and I have room.
The leveled ones are for wars mainly.

5* Level Color
Khiona 4-80 Purple
Victor 4-68 Purple
Obakan 3-1 Purple
Kunchen 2-60 Purple
Onatel 4-80 Yellow
Joon 4-80 Yellow
Drake 3-70 Yellow
Drake 3-70 Yellow
Isarnia 4-80 Blue
Richard 2-60 Blue
Lianna 4-80 Green
Horghall 1-26 Green
Natalya 4-52 Red
Natalya 3-70 Red
Elena 3-60 Red
4* Level Color
Tiburtus 4-70 Purple
Tiburtus 3-60 Purple
Rigard 4-70 Purple
Rigard 4-70 Purple
Merlin 4-70 Purple
Sabina 3-60 Purple
Proteus 4-70 Purple
Gretal 4-70 Yellow
Wu 4-70 Yellow
Chao 3-60 Yellow
Kiril 4-70 Blue
Kiril 3-60 Blue
Sonya 4-70 Blue
Sonya 3-60 Blue
Grimm 4-70 Blue
Grimm 3-60 Blue
Boril 3-60 Blue
Valeria 3-60 Blue
Captain of Diamonds 4-70 Blue
Jack O’hare 4-70 Green
Caedmon 4-70 Green
Caedmon 3-60 Green
Melandor 4-70 Green
Melandor 3-60 Green
Gadeirus 4-70 Green
Buddy 4-70 Green
Gobbler 3-60 Green
Little John 3-60 Green
Scarlet 4-70 Red
Wilbur 4-70 Red
Boldtusk 4-70 Red
Boldtusk 3-60 Red
G. Falcon 4-70 Red
Sir Lancelot 3-60 Red
Kellile 3-60 Red
Gormek 3-60 Red
Colen 3-60 Red
Sumitomo 3-60 Red
Tyrum 3-47 Purple
Melia 3-50 Yellow
Hisan 3-50 Green
Berden 3-50 Green
Rudolph 3-39 Red
Thorne Blue
Isarnia Blue
Richard Blue
Kadlien Green
Ameonna Purple
Rigard Purple
Sabina Purple
Tiburtus Purple
Tiburtus Purple
Wu Yellow
Wu Yellow
Kiril Blue
Kiril Blue
Sonya Blue
Grimm Blue
Grimm Blue
Triton Blue
Caedmon Green
Caedmon Green
Kashhrek Green
Melendor Green
Gormek Red
Scarlett Red
Boldtusk Red
Gato Blue
Belith Green

*Just pulled Triton today. He will be moving up to the other list soon.

I keep more than is probably absolutely necessary, in part b/c I have a tendency to hoard and in part because I believe there may be a need with the new content coming (special raids). The class system forced me to level up some heroes that were gathering dust and I was grateful to have them.

These are who I have kept, I may be willing to keep others I haven’t had the chance to hoard.

Healers - for war you’ll want multiples, I tend to want one per team so minimum six is wanted. I have kept more so that eventually I can choose the best one to bring. Sabina (x3) / Rigard (x2) / Melendor (x3) / Boldtusk (x3) / Kiril (x2) are well represented. I have kept Kashhrek (x1) and Gadeirus (x2) but not brought them up yet, they only heal three and joined my team late.
Proteus - game changer, just saved my fourth (had been eating the dupes, now decided I would like 6 eventually, just that good).
Hansel - kept both, one maxed other will eventually. Excellent mana control hero.
Keleile - Came to me early, good for red stack
Scarlett - Came to me later but insane attack stat for a red, great for stacking
Wilbur - keep up to six, may not use him every attack in war but should have the chance…
Sir Lancelot - great attack stat, attack buff and mana buff…
Buddy - Defense Down and survives well for a 4*
Caedmon - debuffer that hits hard, never have too many debuffers
Sonya - debuffer that hits somewhat hard but survives. Tough nut.
Triton - fast, hits hard and boosts healing
Grimm - def down and hits like a truck
Chao - Mana control and fast mana, solid.
Wu Kong - very special, only kept two b/c I don’t usually raid with him, I use him for titans mostly.
Danzaburo - came to me early, can be frustrating but 2/3 of times special goes off it is amazing. Tough nut too…
Cheshire Cat - because it is an event hero

My preference is have a huge selection of healers, then mana control, defense down and hitters.

I would keep multiples of Jackal and Falcon if they joined my team. Elemental debuffs are gold for titans and raids.


I don’t have a single double hero. I feeded them all to other heroes.

There are so many heroes to level, that I always have some hero to level that I prefer over a double. That being said, I would probably keep a second Proteus.

And I’m also still somewhat new to this game (playing for about half a year now). If I reach a point where I don’t have anything new to level anymore, I might start to hoard doubles.

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It also entirely depends on what you find useful too. I find all of the Ramming Pulverizer users (Grimm, Tiburtus, and Gormek) to be worth keeping duplicates of for instance. There’s never a time when the defense debuff is unwelcome. If your preference is not to color stack though, then it may be enough for you to have only 3 of them. For wars, I find keeping multiple healers is very useful… particularly too because there are only so many of them available, and since the 4stars are much more common, it makes sense to keep multiple of them around for me.

The games also been updated with lots of unique heroes too. Even if we just look at 4stars now… for instance, say you like to color stack, well in blue your only options used to be Grimm, Kirril, Borril and Sonya. Now though we got Triton, Valeria, and the C. of Diamonds. Much more choices for sure, and depending on what you think of them, keeping multiple copies of Grimm or Kirril may not be a necessity.

It all really depends on your playstyle and preferences. Duplicates are never mandatory to keep.

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