Holding on to 4*s

I’ve got a bunch of duplicate 4* heroes and I’m wondering whether to hold on to them. I don’t plan on leveling them but have had in mind they may be useful in the future with any new mechanics that come out.

I have

Wu Kong
Boldtusk x3
Boril x2
Li Xiu
Hu Tao x2

They are currently just taking up roster space and makes leveling a bit of a chore, waiting for spaces to fill with feeders. There is potentially 17 spaces freed if I fed them.

What does everyone else do with duplicates?

Depends on the rest of your roster, of course but generally I keep 2 of each healer (for wars). I keep duplicates of my better 4 stars since I have no choice. I have such bad luck in my summons that a lot of my roster are dupes. I have 4 Caedmon, for example and because my greens are so weak, I’m keeping all them at the moment.

I’ve got 3 maxed Grimm because I use them in the Trials. I get too many reds - Scarlett, Kellie, Colen, I like Scarlett so I’d probably keep her over the others.

I have two Hu Tao and after playing for 2+ years, they’ve just very recently become redundant for my war teams.

My best advice would be to see where and when you would ever use thrm. If they sit on your bench through every war, trial, quest and tourney then you probably have your answer.

I can easily get rid of my Cyprian, Boril and probably a couple of others based on that criteria.

I will only keep one of every 4 star but there are some 4 stars worth keeping at least 1 dupe of. Proteus and Rigard are two off the top of my head that I can think of to keep dupes.

I’ll add Wilbur to that list, too.

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There are some heroes that are going to be good in war for every single team, even when you are swimming in 5*. Rigard is top of the list. You can very happily max 6 Rigard, and never live to regret doing that. Same for boldtusk, kiril, Caedmon, Sonya etc the list goes on. There are some 4* heroes that are just good and you will be happy to make 6 teams in war using one of them on every team.


Thanks for the replies guys.

I have a maxed BT and another on 3-60

I supposed another Rigard levelled would be handy and I’ve just realised I’ve got one in my roster that I already started a while back. I don’t have a purple to level at the mi so might bump him up.

Got two Hu Taos already on 3-60 that occasionally get a run out in wars vs purple tanks.

Got a maxed Chao and another on 3-60 so suppose the extra could go

Two Grimms, one maxed and the other on 3-60. I do like him though.

I don’t have great luck with summons on F2P so I begrudge feeding away a 4* when I get them, I’m a bit of a hoarder like that!

I have 3 BT (with costumes) for support at war. Also leveling another Rigard. All other dopes have been fed.

I only keep 2 of each. BT / Kiril / Wilbur / Rigard.



A second blue Grimm 4* 3.60 ( strong against red and very high attack stat even when dead ) is useful for Class quests if you do not have a purple, or red, 5* Barbarian since both Barbarian quests have triple red bosses.


For war teams I often use two different color healers, one at 4* 4.70 / 5* 4.80 and one at 4* 3.60 / 5* 3.70 ( saves on Hero XP and non farmable ascension items).

purple Rigard 4* 4.70 and blue Kiril 4* 3.60
yellow Vivica 5* 4.80 and red Boldtusk 4* 3.60

So duplicate 4* healers are useful until you have 2x rainbow 5* 3.70 / 5* 4.80 healers teams.

Natural double team

Valeria, and Guardian Jackal, are very special cases were 2x 4* 4.70 work insanely well together

None of your listed dupes are natural double teams.

Reply hazy, try again.

Hero Academy, and trade, are on the Dev’s game development road map, but after Alchemy Lab … who knows.

You will probably be happier getting rid of dupes. The roster GUI is bad. ( linky, linky)

Not a role model

Do what I say, not what I do.

I will just be in my vault diving into my pool filled with 1.1 heroes.