Brynhild/Sonya or Kiril/Caedmon...whom to ascend

I just got a fourth shield and waiting for one more warm cape (if I find the 2 compasses). In any case, unless something changes drastically, my next 2 ascensions will be a blue and a green. Comparing Sonya to Kiril and Brynhild to Caedmon are apples to oranges. However, comparing the two blue/green sniper/healer combos seems more applicable. To me Sonya and Caedmon are roughly one and the same, so I guess it comes down to Brynhild vs Kiril. What are your thoughts?

If you don’t have Sonya’s costume, I’d suggest Kiril and Caedmon. Especially if you do not have a 4* heal-all (e.g. Rigard). Kiril is a fantastic 4* heal-all who you will continue to use for a long time. Brynhild is great, but only heals her neighbours.


Kiril needs to be maxed if you don’t have one maxed already. He’s an amazing hero that you’ll never outgrow.

I have 30 maxed 5*s and still use Kiril every war!


See: Voidstrike’s ToS of his reply

I love Brynhild her heal to nearby and buffs that she add. It is part of my Green stack for titans and during war attacks.

That being said Kiril heals all and buffs attack & defense. Throw some emblems on him and he’s excellent in every facet of the game.

Would recommend Kiril.


Thanks, guys. I was leaning towards Kiril and Cadmon, but I’m new, so was wondering what more experienced players think. My only maxed heroes are Balltaser, Bane, and Mist. I do have Rigard, but only 2 traps, so it’ll be a while before I ascend him.

I would recommend Kirill and Bryn, they are key in my teams. I can’t force myself to like Sonya, I will probably Max Richard and Valeria over her (My main dispeller is costumed Mel and main sniper is Triton).

Its a good idea to have lot of healers , but at the moment of the game he is he would need more a good dispeller (caedmon) than two healers . I mean , if you make a healer team then who is gonna do the damage part ? Its better to find a balance between defense (healing , defense Buff and defense stats) and offensive (a hitter like caedmon who dispells too)
So , in my opinion… Max caedmon ( one of the best classic greens) and then kiril . I think you would be ok with one healer, by the moment you can start Rigard to 3/60 and boldtusk to 3/60.
Epics at 3/60 would be handy to you to complete some quest and gain some mats .

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I would pick Sonya over caed… but Kiril over Brynhild more.

Caedmon will serve the role of sniper well for now. Sonya is just a little sturdier. You’ll max both eventually so not a big deal to put Sonya in the backburner for now.

Congrats on having the choices. Those are definitely a few of the better ones.

Happy grinding!


I raid with very defensive oriented team, two healers and a riposter. That just fits my play style, to survive until the tie break phase in which I usually win.

wt., 7 kwi 2020, 20:44 użytkownik Federico via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum napisał:

Yes, my Rigard is just a few levels away from 3.60, his skill is maxed, and at the level I’m playing (Gold), he is sufficient as is. Obviously, I will ascend him as soon as I get the traps, but even at 3.60, I use him as a second healer. I was waiting for Caedmon for so long, my pulls were heavily healer and tank (BT, Kiril, Kashrek, Hildi, Melendor, Sabina, Justice, Telluria, Horghall, Rigard) and not many damage dealers, especially greens. So Caedmon was a godsend since I’m still facing many Boril teams. I’m short on blue snipers, as well hence the choice between Caedmon and Sonya, but I face more Karshrek and Boril teams than Boldtusk right now.

Sure ! You are on the right track. You would have time to ascend Sonya . And you may get both caed and Sonya costumes on next costume chamber (good luck with that ).
Its a good thing to keep a balance with the heros between survavility and offensive and you are doing well . Then theres a chance to not get any Sniper or hitter and viceversa but then you have to play with the cards you got anyways so enjoy that wide roster you are building !

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@Balltaser All great heroes, I’d lean towards Brynhild and Sonya based on your current maxed heroes. Brynhild will have realm bonus with Mist.

They’ll give you just a little bit more advantage in your raids, which might make a difference in a few more wins.

Also Sonya costume is one of the best, added bonus if you pull her costume. Gratz and good luck!


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