Season 3 3* Heroes

Hi All,

I need some help on season 3 3* heroes, because I do not know which one(s) to ascend? Anyone any idea which one(s) are good?

I am talking about:

  • Bjorn
  • Kvasir
  • Nordi
  • By-ulf
  • Ei-Dunn

Your help is appreciated!

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All of them.


Nordri is an elemental debuffers. These. Are. Amazing.

Bjorn is possibly the best 3* sniper. Well worth levelling for use on events & tournaments

Kvasir is an awesome asset. He essentially creates bonus health at a fast rate. Great for all the tournaments, particularly bloody battles.

Ei-Dunn packs a whallopping. I have two of her that I run in tandem for both events and tournaments… Really good damage & has mana control too.

By-Ulf I’m not so sold on but he’s very popular in the 3* buff booster tournaments. I personally think that there are as good or better options but he was VERY popular last time round.


I can agree to everything @Guvnor said 100%.

Atm I even keep a second copy of all of them except for By-Ulf. But probably I will feed the Nordri- and Ei-Dunn-dupes soon. Came to the conclusion that one is enough. I might level a second Bjorn and Kvasir though. Haven’t tried them out enough to decide whether they are worth it or not, yet.

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yup… all of them is awesome. especially for me is bjorn… i keep 3 of him.

Ascend Bjorn, Kvasir and Nordri for sure.

Bjorn and Kvasir are outstanding.

Nordri with the element buff is pretty good.

By-Ulf and Ei-Dunn are more specialized, and may not be worth the cost with the relatively narrow benefit they provide compared to other 3* possibilities. As for By-Ulf - he’s awful if you don’t win before his negative effects kick in.

Totally agree with all above. Ascending my second Bjorn and Nordri at the moment and that is the first time I want to duplicate 3* heroes.

Finished my first Kvasir last week so let’s see what he brings.
Don’t have Ei-Dunn so no idea yet and some doubts about By-Ulf

What I have seen is that Nordri fits well in a blue 3* team with Ulmer, Chicken Jr. and Valen. Elemental defense down stacks with normal defense down. It deals serious damage to the enemy.

No need to answer after the @Guvnor has spoken, lol. Said everything that needed to be said.

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