Keeping S3 Dupes

I am curious to see if any of the S3 3* heroes are worth keeping duplicates of. In my 15 pulls I managed:
3x Kvasir
2x Nordri
2x Bjorn
1x By-Ulf
2x Ei-Dunn

Are any of these dupes worth keeping if their only use is 3* events and tournaments? I would like to be more competitive in the 3* events, but I do not plan on spending emblems on any 3* so my chances there are smaller. I am competitive enough in 3* tournaments (not chasing top 1%).

Bjorn is the only one I would keep duplicates of, for Teltoc dark-stacking specifically. He will be great particularly when paired with Gill-Ra’s defense drop in that event.

Ei-Dunn and Nordri will be great for crowd control in red and blue stacks respectively – can be helpful in early stages to take out enemy waves, and in later stages for the triple boss waves to spread damage more efficiently. However, I’m only planning to keep 1 of each, as I prefer having more snipe power (Namahage and Gato) and just one hit-3 hero in my stacks.

do you really think purple stack can beat red stack though? Or a blue stack now that there’s nordri and costume gunnar?

For Teltoc specifically, I don’t know which color is better now since Bjorn is in the mix, and his 2nd hit on a holy enemy deals a ton of damage. But I intend to test that this coming event.

Last time I scored 13th going mostly mono-dark too, so even though I know that mono-red is more popular, I still placed pretty well without Bjorn. I’m very interested to see how I do once the event rolls around.

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what are you planning to use other than bjorn and gillra?

Ideally I’m planning to go Gill-Ra, Bjorn, Bjorn, Bjorn, Chochin

Currently though I am using 2 Balthazar in place of 2 Bjorn that I don’t have though.

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I’d make this decision based on your pull frequency. If you are planning to do 10 or more pulls in the March Valhalla portal then I would keep ZERO dupes. Because you’ll get another soon enough if you change your mind. And you probably need the roster space in the meantime.


That’s kind of what I am leaning towards, Ivy. I kept all dupes to start, but it will likely be a while before I get around to maxing the dupes. I think I will feed the dupes assuming I will get them again in future Valhalla pulls. I will probably change that answer if I get any 4* and 5*.

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