Which 3*s to feed away

Hi all i am relatively new to the game (level 25) and hero space is being really tight lately and i am considering which duplicate 3*s should go away. Please see list below:

3 x Balthazar (1 maxed)
4 x Bane (1 nearly maxed)
2 x Gunnar (also have costume)
2 x Brianne (also have costume)
2 x Nordri
2 x Bjorg (1 nearly maxed)
2 x Gato
2 x Kvasir
2 x Melia
2 x Tyrum

Which ones do you think should be fed away? Which duplicates have value for tournaments / events? Also are any of these totally useless and all copies should be fed away? Would love to hear some opinions!


First off imma just make a sneaky gentle suggestion to make use of the :mag: search function of the forum… Helps to avoid people answering the same questions several times.

Here is a summary that I’ve given on a previous thread:

For me personally I have the below:


3 x Balthazar: I only maxed one. He’s a pretty common hero to get so even if you feed him away now and then decide you want to max another, shouldn’t be long before you had one.
4 x Bane: I wanted a yellow mono team so I maxed two.
2 x Gunnar: only kept one
2 x Brianne: kept two since non costume ups attack and non costume drops defense. Use on the same mono team.
2 x Nordri: Depends on other blues. Since he only hits three I guess I could see where two maxed might be useful.
2 x Bjorg: I’d only max one… at average speed, there are better options for snipe in purple. (Haven’t maxed him so I could be waaay wrong)
2 x Gato: maxed two. Like the immunity.
2 x Kvasir: not sure but prob one
2 x Melia: only kept one since her special applies to all
2 x Tyrum: maxed two. Dispel buffs w/o costume and cleanse with costume


I agree with all of your points except for one: I would keep two Gunnars since the OP has the costume.

Using a Gunnar costume and regular Gunnar on the same team in a 3* rush attack tournament makes a powerful combo.


Didn’t think about rush attack. Good point. I never maxed his costume since I have ulmer maxed.

I do believe Gunnar is sturdier than Ulmer but Ulmer does more damage. Heck, let’s just use all three on the same team for total devastation!

As for rush attack, imagine no green is allowed lol

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I’m sure you’re right. I just don’t like having two heroes that don’t do any type of damage on the same team.

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Gunnar, Brienne, Nordri, Melia, and Kvasir don’t require duplicates for any reason.

Balthazar, Bjorn, Bane and Gato, only keep dupes for rare events (if you don’t care about event scores, then you can discard).

Tyrum dupe is only useful for raid tournaments (if you don’t care about those, then you can discard the dupe).

EDIT: there are indeed powerful combos for 2 Gunnars or 2 Briennes (one costume and one without) but to me those tourneys are so specific that I still personally think two of each is very niche. In comparison, 2 Tyrums (one dispelling buffs and one ailments) is much more useful for all 3* tourney types.


I’m keeping my dups until the original is maxed, just in case their special is like 6/8 and I don’t want to waste feeders getting them maxed. I like a 100% chance with just feeding them a dup.

Thanks for the reply Guvnor, helpful as always! I apologise for not using the search feature you are right i will have it in mind for next time! I will be keeping two copies of what you have recommended as well!

Thanks a lot for the detailed breakdown! I planning to feed one Balthazar and one Bane (i also have costume for him i forgot to mention). I will also keep my dups for Brianne, Gunnar (as discussed for the rush tournament), Nordri, Bjorg and Gato. As regards Tyrum i will feed one away as i do not have a costume for him so if i do get it i will be getting a duplicate with it as well! Thanks a lot for the tips!

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Thank you a will keep a second Gunnar just for that!

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At the current time i am not sure what i should focus on. I surely try to complete the events to get the ascension mats i can but should i try to be competitive? i am mostly F2P so dont know if it’s worth trying to hit any top percentiles. What do you believe is worth focusing on mostly?

Nice tip i will try to hold on to them when powering up the original hero thanks!

Hitting top 1000 in Rare isn’t too difficult. That bracket includes a 4* ascension mat.

Gunnar (costumed), Melia and Brienne (costumed and without) are all great. Melia requires some smart prediction to use her crit buff effectively for match damage though.

Bjorn, Balthazar, Gato, Bane, and pretty much every 3* fast sniper that hits hard is great too. Pick the ones with the highest attack stats / best damage values (hence why Tyrum is less desirable over Balthazar / Bjorn).

Heroes that hit target+nearby are great too. I prefer only having one of them myself for each Challenge event though, but their skills help a lot for crowd control particularly against the triple boss round for spreading damage. That’s where Nordri (Karil is outclassed), Ishhtak, Ei-Dunn, Chochin and even Dawa can come in handy.


I appreciate your detailed reply i will keep it as a reference for my future teams thank you :slight_smile:

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