Onatel, should I ascend her just because i can?

So, i just finished bringing Onatel up to 3/70. I have 9 darts and all the other mats to bring her up to full ascension? Just because i can?
Besides Justice she is the only 5* holy hero I have.

I’ve been playing with her and not sure she is worth getting my first set of darts. Sure eventually. It will just make her hit harder and be harder to kill.

Another reason I’m unsure, is because she is a wizard.
I have Zeline waiting for one more tonic and then Sartana. Both are also wizards.

I’m also really anxious to have a fully leveled team of 5* heroes.

Should i post a picture of my roster as reference of the rest of who i have?
Should this post be merged into “thoughts on Onatel?”

How much will it matter having multiple of the same discipline in your defense lineup?

Definitely not justice.

U can wait until u nearly have 12 darts before decide whether to ascend onatel or not.

Best yellow is del, guin, joon, drake

If u hard spender, u can wait for the luck of better yellow. For me onatel is not bad and not good. She is intermediate.

By waiting till u reach nearly 12 darts, it’s ok if u finally decide to ascend onatel and u still have 6 darts spare to ascend another 5* yellow

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I have been a hard spender, but yellow 5* have alluded me.

Then I would recommmend to go for her. I have couple of yellow 5* (Vivica, Onatel, Leonidas, Justice) and I will acend them in this order. I also didn´t feel in love with Onatel at the very first moment, but later on found out that she is very useful for me. I don´t have any other mana control hero so I am using her for hard missions with tough bosses and it pays off even on 3.70. But once I have Vivica I will go for Onatel.

I initially took her as I believed that she will be very good tank. Later on I found that she is not good tank (definitely not at 3.70), but she is quite OK for raids and against tough bosses especially if there are more of them in challenge events.

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I actually don’t know why i didn’t bring her in legendary challenge. I took Chao for the levels i did do.
I have found she is great in tough fights. I guess I’ll play through a few more levels with her instead of Chao.

I guess the surest way to get the Viv I’ve been wanting is to give Onatel darts.

Do you want to screw hard your opponents in war, raids and bosses in the events and map levels? If yes, Onatel is your choice. She is awesome! Very useful in offence. Dunno about defence… pretty good i guess? I have her in my def lineup at the moment

I recently decided to max Onatel over Drake and have no regrets. She’s no superstar on her own, but I think she’s a great complimentary hero.

She can shine when used with other heroes who impede enemies’ mana generation, like Alasie, Natalya, Mitsuko, Little John, etc… She would do well in a stack with other yellow mana-cutting heroes like Guin, Li Xiu, Chao, and Gretel. The elemental link is a huge bonus.

Paired with Hel or Proteus, her special can also be useful as a backup plan. She’s tough as nails, and she can buy Hel or Proteus a couple extra rounds to get their specials recharged.

I’m a fan.

Because she will be my first 5* holy she will be in my defense line up. She’s there currently at 3/70 and I’ve found few people want to raid me.

I have little John and Li Xiu only at 3/60 and Chao maxed. I also have Mitsuko, but currently only at 2/60.
I also have Proteus at 3/60 and he’s a lot of fun!

I guess so far no don’t do its. Just a wait till you have 12 darts…
I just started bringing Justice up to 2/60 to replace a 3* on my war teams. Would it be a good idea to wait till i do that before i decide?

Not a bad idea. I personally would only max one of the regular 5* yellows over Onatel, and that one would be Joon. Of course, you may draw a better hero tomorrow, or it could be a year from now…

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This was the first challenge event I’ve managed to complete legendary, and that was thanks to onatel, i require 2 more darts and I’ll be taking her up! I worked her with choa on 3rd tier talent grid and onatel only on 3/50, it was epic and on the hard bosses my eyes couldn’t keep up with the specials!

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I have only completed the first 2 levels of legendary, but it looks like i need to bring her in and see how she does!!! I haven’t ever completed legendary yet! It’s looking like she just may get these first set of darts! I really do need to finish bringing my Justice up to 2/60 for my war teams. And I’d feel guilty maxing her when my Wu is still sitting at 3/30.

Remember that Onatel doesn’t play as well with LJ and Proteus since the slow/freeze of mana reduces the amount available for Onatel to steal.

Mana Cutters like Chao, Li Xiu DO work well since Onatel takes a % of the mana gain so cut back enemy mana and keep harvesting the gains.

Some people have said they like the Proteus/Onatel combo but you have to be careful how you cast the specials.


Is this true? I’ve seen several reports that Onatel still charges while Proteus has their mana blocked. I suppose they could have been incorrect or I could be misremembering, but I’m like 95% sure I’ve seen that before.

Edit: Nevermind. I just looked and it was reports of Onatel charging while SHE was under the influence of Proteus.


It’s possible that she was still charging her mana while Proteus had her blocked because the mana she was draining was that being stolen from her targets. I think that special skill is undispellable.

Defense Justice, offense Onatel. But Onatel is a good tank, too, even if she hits randomly on defense. She’s definitely worth it. Later on you’ll be able to ascend Justice as well, but he can wait due to also being good at 3.70.

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After looking at @Razor 's data on the top tanks in the top 100 and seeing that she made enough of a presence to be noted, i decided she was probably worth it!
Then, i was rereading through posts about her and seeing comments that i had previously made about using her in the last rare quest. I remembered that she was the reason i was able to beat the final stage bosses without using items and she wasn’t even 3/70 yet!
So, i decided to take her with me into legendary and see what happens. I’m currently 3 levels away from finishing and haven’t needed to use a single item!
My team is 3576 tp and i brought fully maxed Sabina, Kiril, Gormek, and my 4/56 Zim. My Onatel is 3/70.

Thanks everyone! I’ll be ascending her very soon! I just need to bring my hams up to enough!


Since I don’t have Oni, I had to use Proteus instead for the same purpose and finished this morning without spending gems and without carpet bombing. Level 10 took me 30 minutes :joy:

All my heroes are far from being maxed yet.

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Onatel is one of my favorite designs. She’s solid on defense and great on offense, but you really need to think about how to play her special. Lots of discussion over at Onatel, best hero idea.

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I’ve been keeping up with the best hero idea discussion since i pulled her! She is definitely a hero that takes lots of thought to use and it has been a struggle at times, but i think her uses in rare quests and challenge events make her a definite keeper!
I just finished legendary for the first time! I took in a miracle scroll just in case and ended up not using it! I only lost my Gormek during that last boss fight. I did end up using about 8 health pots and getting impatient I used my 5 battle axes and 5 fire bombs. That QoH is one tough girl!
I’m excited for the places she will help take me! Those legendary completion rewards are quite valuable and will come of good use! With that extra warm cape I’ll now be able to take my Alice up to 3/70 and still have enough to take either her or my Magni up to the last acsention! I’m literally just one tonic, scope and tabard of maxing my first rainbow 5* team with only just over 7 months of playing.


Onatel can’t steal if proteus is activated. However, a useful tip I learned from another post/user is to activate Onatel one time after Proteus. This way her max mana stealing power is in full swing once Proteus’ attack is ended.


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