Is 2nd Onatel worth of darts?

Hello everyone! I got myself to have 12 darts ready to use. I already have one Onatel maxed and my question is: do you think a second Onatel is worthy of darts? I would bet she is but should I give 6 of my dear darts to a dupe?

My current roaster is composed by the following heroes:

I can’t find any good reason why I should level Leonidas or Musashi over 2nd, 3rd or even 4th Onatel. And I think 3/70 is fine enough for Justice.

Thanks a lot for your comments and suggestions in advance folks!

It depends if you’d rather wait on a Joon from TC20, and how badly you want more yellow mana control. Two Onatels sounds pretty useful for wars particularly :slight_smile:

Though I’d say that Musashi has his strengths against dark titans, since he’s got the 2nd highest attack stat of all yellow heroes (behind Inari). And without having Joon I’d say he does have some value over another Onatel to your roster currently.


I’m always reluctant to have two of the same 5* hero. I’ve made exceptions for Delilah and Gravemaker, but I don’t think Onatel is such an overwhelming hero that having dupes of her is compelling.

Variety is the spice of life.


Nope, absolutely nope.

Onatel is good and she makes a great tank for your war teams. But you have other yellow 5* that are useful. I would say from your roster go for Justice. Or wait for Joon. But you maybe waiting for a long time.

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Onatel is good. The only problem I saw was her mana drain dies with her. If an opponent(s) are hit by both, is it the same as being hit twice by one? And, if hit by blth, does full effect remain if pne Ona dies? If it stacks and doesn’t die, a deadly mini stack

Onatel’s mana steal is undispellable, meaning it can’t be overwritten unless the exact same caster uses their special attack again. That means that another ally Onatel can’t overwrite her ailment, only the original caster can overwrite their own undispellable ailment.

In other words:

  1. Onatel 1 hits with her special skill
  2. Onatel 2 hits the same opponents as the first with her special skill
  3. Result = Only Onatel 1 will steal mana, because she hit first, and Onatel 2 can’t overwrite her ailment, because it’s undispellable and she’s not the original caster

I found the answer to this while testing Deep Wound with the Sand Empire heroes, Arman and Hisan:

Additionally, the mana steal ailment is directly linked to the caster. If Onatel 1 clocks out, so does the ailments on the targets she hit. Onatel 2 does not gain any stealing from the other Onatel.

Does that answer your questions?


I would not. I would hope for Joon (TC20/summon) and Neith in November.

Well, yes…20 characters worth

Go for Justice and maybe Mushi.
Pair them with your Onatel and two healers and you’ll have an excellent holy stack.

Mushi deals some serious dmg followed by Onas mana control and then finish the opponent with Justy.

Because I respect you, this time I won’t say a word about Justice :rofl:

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Looks like Santa+7 is your tank so Justice out. Like others said, dupe Ona doesn’t work well.

Musashi is fast and hits 3, I’d do him over Leo but you can go Leo over Musashi, pretty close.

I’d wait for the next holy hero of the month.

The answer is NO NO NO and then more NOs.

Onatel is good but not superb to the point you gotta have more than 1.
Darts dont come by everyday.

Having more variety is good. Leo and Justice is solid. I don’t like Musashi somehow.
If you don’t like any other ones, then just wait for new heroes. Joon would be great especially when you have a chance to summon or pull him from tc20 all year round.

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