Where to spend Poison Darts

Finally got my 6th Poison Dart and I need some advice where to use them…
Right now I have 2 options, either Vivica ou Poseidon.

I have Justice and G. Owl sitting @ 1/1 but don’t think that is worth it right now…

Should I wait for Guin (could take looonngg time to get it) or use it right away?

For healers, I have
Rigard, Kiril, BT, Melendor, all maxed

For Snipers I have,
Joon, Lianna and Caedmon.

Thanks for any advice!

As you have lots of Healers, i would suggest POSEIDON!!!

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Another for Poseidon. I think he will fit better. You have healers.

Viv, since you don’t have any legendary healer and you already have Joon. Poseidon for the next 6. Viv will help you against Ursensa and class trials.

Waiting for Guin is the worst idea…


Having just spent darts on Poseidon last week, I can tell you that I am quite happy with him so far. You have Joon, though, and I do not. They are comparable heroes, and I think there are a few threads comparing the two. You might search those out.

You do have a good array of healers, but I also know that 5-star healers are rare, so you might at least wait to see if any owners of Vivica drop by with impressions of her. She adds def and cleanse, but slow mana seems a really large drawback.

Some questions that might help clarify the situation a little further:

  • F2P, C2P, or P2P?
  • All snipers listed are maxed?
  • What are your game priorities (raids, defense, titans, etc.?)
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I just spent my 6 darts on Vivica so… I vote for Vivica!

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What @Olmor said. If your Joon is already maxed I also vote for Viv. Poseidon and Joon are too similar unless you’re planning to use Poseidon as a tank (which Vivica can also do–arguably as well).

Plus, it’d be nice to have a 5* healer to go with the snipers you already have, and a yellow one for titans.

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I’d say viv would be alot more usable for you. Her attack stat isnt far off of posiedons so not much of a loss on titans other than his skill. Decent tank especially on heal wars and will be on your main team for quite some time and quite a bit more survivable than your current healers.

I would ascend Justice. No one should love to have all of their heroes with 40% chance to miss hahahaha, also Justice do damage to all heroes too.
Just you have to know she has slow mana speed.

I’d do Vivica. Poseidon’s great but is redundant with Joon maxed. And you can never have too many healers, especially 5* ones

Thanks all for the insights… I think that for now I will go with Viv (I agree with poseidon being a little redundant with Joon)… And answering @Gallowspider, those Heroes mentioned above are all maxed already… out of all ascension material, darts are the hardest ones for me, so let’s see what happened when I can get another 6, if I’ll go with Poseidon or Justice like @HoRangYi suggested… (still have to understand G. Owl a little more) …

I would say either is good but me personaly would go poseidon. Your other healers mainly BT is fine so I would also suggest POS. You could wait for guin for ever and LOTS of $$$$$$ and still not get her, she is really only good for defense anyway. Offense will get you more in this game in my opinion.

I would go for offense before defense - so Poseidon gets the vote.

You will never have enough snipers unless you just use them for defense.

Wait for another month or 2 before deciding. Or even Atlantis when Drake is featured.
Sand event is coming so you can always try for Rana.

I have the same problem, out of my 5*s most of them yellow, but darts are the rarest AM i get. Soon i will have 6, so i can ascend one of them. My candidates are: Justice (for paladin emblems), Inari, Joon (2nd one), Leonidas. I also have 30 tokens banked for sand empire, so if i get lucky and get Rana or the HOTM (wich i won’t because i did not get one in my last 300 or so pulls) they are also in play. I tend to give the darts to inari, any thoughts?

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