5* Yellow - Who Gets Darts? Sif, Joon, or Vivica

I am struggling with who to give darts to. Sif, Joon, or Vivica.
I have
Telluria +9
Kunchen +7
Seshat +7
Gravemaker +7
Clarissa +0
Kingston +9
Ariel +0
Miki +0
Rana +5
Ares +0
Tyr 3.70

I have ruled out Leonidas, but he is also an option, if someone has a strong case to make for him.

I do not have the costume for Vivica. I do not raid much, only the minimum for required for Valor. I focus on titans, and War.

I’m waiting on mats for others, but if you would chime in on the following I would also be grateful for any opinions.

Raffaele or Richard?
Tarlak? (Already have Miki)
Quintus, Mok-Arr, 2nd Clarissa?
Marjana or Grazul over Tyr?
Elkanen, Liana / C. Liana, or Atomos? 2nd Kingston?

Thank you all for taking the time to read and reply. I am grateful for all opinions and comments.

Just like that, I would say Sif. She’s an amazing support hero in offense, but all depends on your needs.

At your current status in the game, make Joon your second holy legendary to get maxed. Leonidas would have been awesome if he were fast. Vivica also must be maxed only if you have her costume as you can shave off a tile making her skill activated from slow to average and that her defense down is better than White Rabbit’s, otherwise, you may prefer the healing of Gullinbursti as he is also slow but doesn’t cost you darts. Sif is a luxury hero ideal to be maxed if you have already a decent depth of maxed heroes.

For blues, I would save the scopes on better heroes since you already have a maxed Ariel who is a better hero than Raffaele and unless your alliance is running on blue tanks on alliance wars, Richard may be maxed especially if you have his costume.

Tarlak is a good hero to serve as alternate to Miki, especially on titans and events that reflect blue.

For purples, Quintus could be a good hero if you have his costume. Mok-Arr is ideal if you are good with using monopurples in attacking. 2nd Clarissa is also good if you have at least 12 tabards.

For reds, Marjana is a decent sniper. Grazul is a good overall hero against most Telly tanks.

For greens, Lianna and her costume.

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You lack a strong yellow hitter, with Rana as your only one. So Joon seems like the logical choice for me.

Blue I would go Richard for the same reason, you lack a blue hitter in 5* rarity. Though I do really like my Raf but I myself also don’t have Ariel, so he gets a lot of use from me (though I also have two Magni and a Thorne for my blue offense).

Even with Miki, I think Tarlak is still worth maxing. That normal attack buff is very strong and can help boost match damage for a late war team. But that said, Lianna easily adds more value to your bench, so I’d max her first.

Mok-Arr is for offense only but he’s a monster there. Insane damage in general, even higher than Killhare and Ursena. I would max him myself, just make sure you have someone else to hit purple with too if you use him.

I would just finish Tyr first as well.

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I would choose Joon in your case as he’d be the greatest help in Titans/Wars which is what you focus on, especially since you have Rana as only 5* yellow.

Green - Lianna & her costume, no brainer there.

Red - Marjana simply because she’s the only true 5* Red Sniper (until they release Gefjon). You already a great 5* healer with Ariel so you don’t really need Grazul just yet.

You already have a ton of healers so that would knock Vivica out for me. You have some strong snipers already (albeit not a yellow sniper) but you don’t have many support heroes maxed so i would say Sif just for the diversity of heroes you can use that are maxed. It also just mixes it up a bit so you aren’t doing the same play style over and over - it’s keeps the game fun and refreshing.

As for the others, definitely add Grazul! She is absolutely amazing when it comes to countering GTV teams!

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