Is Rana Worth The Darts?

I have had her for a while at 3/70 , my other holy heroes are all fully ascended except for a second Vivica at 3/57. Guin,Jackyl,Gretel,LiXiu,Wu,and Vivica are my Holy squad that are at full ascension. Darts are hard to come by as you all know so what is everyone’s thoughts on Rana. And as usual thanks in advance for your input :grinning: :+1:t3:

If you plan to pull for poseidon you may want to hold off. Otherwise I’ve heard good things about rana.

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He is a good/not overwhelming hero in yellow zone.
Some people may prefer Joon, some people may prefer Leo.

If you are in a hurry and know you probably don’t see any other yellow for a while, go with her.

Not a great choice but not a shame either.


Do we have any details about Poseidon? I know we can’t share screenshots, but anything like abilities, speed, stats?

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You can have info on Poseidon on the stage 19-10 :wink:


What I understand is that I’m allowed to share stats and what his special is, but since I’m not completely sure I’ll try to sum it up instead of being exact:

Att: about 740
Def: about 720
Hp: around 1350
Special: fast mana and deals 450% damage to the target. All allies reaist mana ailments and effects that block specials (such as hansel, merlin, etc).

That is the beta version I’ve heard about, but he could easily be changed before release. Frankly I think he sounds beast and I’d love to get my grubby little paws on him.


If you AW a lot, you’ll find, she’s brutal against Field Aid when timed right. But the majority of her benefit is already available at 3/70. The damage boost at 4/80 will be nice, but not so huge as to be a must-have.

She’s also potentially very useful for some of the seasonals and events (Victor isn’t going to enjoy her, for instance).

Is she objectively better than your other option of Viv x2? I’m a big fan of having multiples of each color of healer for AW color stacks. But if you hate Field Aid, Rana could be the right play.

That said, unless the darts are burning a hole in your pocket, why not save them and see who else comes along? Poseidon is coming, Deliah will get another Atlantis showing at some point. Joon might drop from TC20, and the June HOTM will be yellow.

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Rana is absolutely worth it in my opinion. While there are a host of strong yellow heroes you could also draw, you won’t regret maxing Rana.


Thanks so much for your input I think I’m going to hold onto my darts, your information made a lot of sense and I do trust your judgment. I am running TC 20 and I would love a Joon,Delilah,or maybe even a Posiedon. But then who wouldn’t :grinning:

I need an orb and a tome so I will wait till I acquire those and see where I’m at. It could be a while,we all know how that goes :flushed:

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