Question on who gets the darts

Hello guys. Im looking for guiding on how to spend my six darts.

My defense team is :

Joon - C.Richard- Ursena- Jean Francois - Vela

So, im not looking specifically a hero to put on my def team. I think Joon does a very good job keeping me at 2400-2600 at max.

I find so most useful a hero who can help me to improve my yellow stack, and maybe help to create a second decent war team.

So priorities will be

*War *

Who are the heroes fighting for the darts?

Vivica ( I love to have healers, shes the healer of the classic ones and have cleanse)

Roc ( Dot , Cleanse and good stats)

Sif ( High attack so good for titans, an interesting ability).

My other maxed yellows are:

Wu Kong
Costumed li xiu
Hu tao
Wu Kong

I have the following maxed healers

X2 c.Boldtusk :fire:

X2 C.Melendor :leaves:

X2 C.rigard :purple_square:

Kiril :blue_heart:

Gilinbursti :yellow_circle:

Kashhrek (poor hero without costume often benched)

Grazul at 4.1 (working on) :fire:

So Vivica healing is so useful but not in a hurry i think.

Thanks in advance!

Sif is really good on offense. Her damage reduction is as good as a heal to me and the reflect is awesome. Plus her mana boost is a good counter to telluria’s debuff. Also you can get her at 9 tiles with a mana troop 17 and only 8 emblems.

Vivica is good as long as you don’t face telluria otherwise I think she’s too slow to be useful.


Thanks . Another thing i forgot to mention is how many emblems i have to spend in the heroes.

i have around 200 rogue emblems to put on Sif .
100 cleric emblems to vivica
And no availabe barbarian emblems to use on roc

Of those… Sif and don’t look back


Absolutely Sif.
She is fix in my yellow attack team.
I have use her with BK in my defense team and she works fine.

Sif. I have Viv in my main team and absolutely love her but I have her costume, you know. Also had just enough emblems to max her.

Sif is not on my main team but she gets used everytime I have a hard task ahead. I had her as a tank on defense this RT and got A rating (though of course she was not the only reason), used her on offense as well all the time I ended in top 1% - many times her damage reduction and counter saved me. It helps that her counter procs before damage reduction, so enemy gets full damage. I also use her on Valhalla Hard and there she also makes things much easier.

Also one thing: I believe you said you don’t have mana troops. But if you get one take it to Lv17 and take mana node for 8th node for Sif. That will drop her charging to only by 9 tiles, which is a huge improvement given the match-3 nature of the game. Or you can take extra HP but you need to take mana troop to Lv23 I think. Your call.

Thanks for the tip Night! Not sadly i dont have yellow mana troop, only crit.

You have Sif, its a good thing to focus on attack path with ocasional HP node?

I am going mostly def+HP path. Sif is mainly support hero who mainly reflects enemy damage back so she should be as durable as it gets. It is maybe worth trying balanced path, but probably not full attack. She is a bit squishy without defense emblems so definitely try get her def up a bit.

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Sif 100%.

She is useful pretty much in every aspect of the game.

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@Lexxtarc Do you have Vivica’s costume? If so, I would go with Vivica followed by her costume. Otherwise, I would do Sif. I have Sif as well, but I’m finishing Poseidon and cVivica first before I start on Sif. Good luck whichever way you go! :wink:

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100% Sif. Put a slow healer next to her and when her special goes off it keeps that healer alive AND charges mana much faster. My go to fighting hard levels in Valhalla has Vela-Sif-Kunchen every stinking time.

Hi chadmo, how are you?, thanks for your feedback.
Did you put any emblem on her? If yes can i see her and hear your logic behind the path you choose.

Thanks in advance

Pd: Do you use her in raids/wars?

Yes, I have her at 8 emblems but giving some to Brynhild currently. She’s in my defense and I saw a huge improvement putting her in Justice’s spot. She great to have in tournaments and wars teams too. Not a super star but solid all around.

Best of luck Wiz!

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Also I went defensive/health path. She has great time damage already and you need her to stay around and be a pest.

Nice, thank you. I think that making her more rounded (+def/+hp)plus the rogue talent will make her a difficult target to take down.

I will try to gather more darts to do vivica too. With the mana boost that Sif gives my future viv can charge faster

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