Where to spend gems, tokens

I intend to be F2P going forward and since it takes so long to gather summoning currency and ascension materials, I figured I’d try to look into when best to spend them among the competing vendors.

Based on mapping A and A+(there can be only several) heroes from HerosRegraded, I get the following guidelines.


  • Costume Closet, with a 3.8% chance of pulling a 5*, and all the current 20 will improve something probably in the Hero Roster.
  • Atlantis, If already moved beyond Season 1 heroes or have costumed all you want.

The Altantis retro-Hotm and Costume Closet’s featured heroes may alter which is better.

Santa’s Challenge

Challenge Coins
Avalon or Wonderland

What am I missing, other than

  • It depends on your current roster
  • The hero regrades change (so this may not be as useful after the next regrade
  • Some question Anchor’s grades (perhaps rightfully) [edited to add]


5* A/A+ 4* A/A+
Costume Key Liana Isarnia Joon Elena Vivica Tiburtus Rigard
S2 coin Kageburado Misandra Ariel Ursena Poseidon Proteus Wilbur
Challenge Coin
Avalon Guinivere King Arthur Black Knight
Wonderland Alice Jabborwock White Rabbit
Guardians Guardian Panther Guardian Gazelle Guardian Jackal
Fables Hansel
Pirates Finley
Santa’s Mother North Santa Claus Buddy
Springvale Master Lepus Killhare
Sand Gafar
S3 coin Tyr Heimdall Mist

Grimforest and Teltoc. Both features top 4* (Hansel & Gretel, Jackal and Falcon).

Hansel and Jackal are listed.

Gretel and Falcon are graded B currently.

Yes, but Falcon is a key for epic events and one red elemental def down, and Gretel is yellow blocker, which somewhere lacked in 4*

I’d never grade Falcon a B. Stacking it with other red makes your raid team a Telluria murderer and your Titan hits will VASTLY improve.

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As I said, I’m going off Anchor’s grades. If you have a complete grading system out there I can get to easily, I can form another table. I’d do it off Razor’s, but it’s difficult to get to them 5 at a time.

To quibble,

  • I would much prefer Proteus or Wilbur over Falcon for epic events.
  • I do hate going against Gretel but don’t have enough experience to argue with Anchor.

Wilbur+Falcon+Scarlett+Boldusk+Wu - best red epic event team ever) So, they are both needed.

I wouldn’t throw Falcon away, but that doesn’t change Anchor’s grades or my relative preference. Since I’m F2P and always short resources, it’s often a question of this or that. Falcon or Boldtusk? Falcon or Wilbur? Falcon loses both times.

I get that, and personally I value the 3 in the order BT - Falcon - Wilbur. Perhaps watching some you tube videos showing how those heroes work on titans and raiding would be a good idea to see what suits your team and style best. I use the Anchor guide as well, but unless they are an A+ or C grade, I do a little research and ask around.

There are around 110 A and B ranked 4/5 * heroes currently in Anchor’s system. I’d have no time to play if I decided to create my own ranking system, even if were just choosing to fine tune Anchor’s.

Cool deal. Then I’m of little help, best of luck in your pulls.

You could always lobby Anchor et.al. to upgrade Guardian Falcon. It would make the Guardians event a contender, at least.

I don’t question his answers often. Heck, Guardian Panther and Gazelle have a lot of value too. Getting Falcon and Jackal really made my 10 pull very worth it in that event. If I drew another of both of those I’d max them also.

I mean if you’re just going to rip names out of another guide without thinking and then dismiss suggestions to amend them based solely on that guide I’m not sure what the point of this thread is? Falcon is definitely the only one I’d really throw on here (as vc2p he’s one of the few I’m saving to actually chase myself, anyone’s rating system be damned) and I’d take misandra off along with the bunnies and s3 heroes. Can’t afford to spend s3 tokens yet since an amazing/op/critically important s3 hero could be waiting in the wings and tokens are extremely limited for f2p/c2p once you beat the stages both times, so I’m hoarding at least until the pool is complete and ideally until they update the portal to be like atlantis with featured s3 heroes.

For other additions personally Tarlak is missing and while he’s not without flaw I’m really looking for someone to replace wu esp vs titans so he makes my list, albeit as low priority due to low odds

Personally I don’t think any of the seasonal heroes are really worth chasing as f2p/c2p due to low odds, i just save my ehts for a new hotm that i like and if that hero is available during a seasonal event so much the better. Likewise with gem pulls, i save for a desired hotm but use them during atlantis or challenge events to be running concurrently. I am now saving for the next guardians because I really really want jackal/falcon/panther, but I’ve got a dozen or so EHTs with Clarissa’s name on them for when she’s available

As ftp or even c2p making 5 star event heroes the basis for targetting events is a recipe for disappointment/bitterness. Unless you already have all/most 4 stars from an event (really from all events tbh) you’re setting yourself up for failure. So without knowing your roster, I’d say guardians is the event to target, but if you are determined to pull a great 5 star then go big and gamble hard on finley, probably the best 5 star event hero and one of the best 5 stars in game.

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Anchor’s guide doesn’t show the heroes per category pull. If it did, then I wouldn’t have done this.

As there are plenty of other threads available to question Anchor’s grades and the relative merits of each and every hero, I am more interested (and I imagine most of us are with few gems and coins etc.) in when to use them, and what to think about (other than current roster, of course) in making that decision.

I did respond to Falcon and Gretel. For Misandra, is she as good to you as Richard or Thorne?

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