Where should I spend my gems/summons?

Here are my available heroes. I’m trying to figure out who to ascend and who to chase from various portals.

I’m interested in Thor and Odin coming up, I love springvale heroes too. But I realized before I pullled for Francine/vanda today that I’m sort of on the cusp of a team that consistently holds diamond, and I really need to try and pursue a finalized “end game” type team to go after.

But if I already have the making of that with what I have saving resources in this game seems to be the strategic winner!

All help appreciated!

Do you own Jackal and falcon? Both are essential for many things specially titans and their event is next coming. I think it’s worth trying.


I was going to say the same thing! Good as always Polentinha!

I agree, I think most important is an optimal titan team. I will also try to finally get jackal next teltoc.

Telly, GM, Sartana are already good for staying in diamond. In other colours your options aren’t the best, but should work once maxed and emblemed. What will keep you in diamond is emblems. So try to emblem your defense up as fast as possible…

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If you are missing some good 4☆ or costumes i would aim there. So between Valhalla, Guardians and Costume Chamber. The last one is better to wait to SG to add the new costumes. Nov or Dec.

I have been gathering some coins to try to get G.Jackal. i only made to pull G.Falcon from Teltoc.


I don’t care about Titans at this current point even 1%. Our alliance is small still on 1 and 2* Titans.

What would be your advice if I have no need for
Wilbur, and guardians of realtor has no interest to me at all. Additionally I
Have all of the 4* costumes currently available.

Given that… save them for season 3 summon or the Christmas event.

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I’d say don’t look at your current situation but what is best long term.

Panther was one of my first legendaries and i thought she was bad as i had no idea of color stacking. Truth is, elemental defense down heroes are very important - not only on titans, but also on offense. And that’s what matters most on the long run. So I would still not miss the chance on the teltoc heroes.

If you are really not interested in them whatsoever, I think valhalla and costume chamber are the best portals at the moment. You also get ascension chests which is an important factor. In the end you don’t wanna just get the heroes, you also wanna max them. Also, next round of costume chamber will include elemental defense down heroes as well - only 5* though i think.

Talking about ascension mats: besides quests, high level titans are the best resource for them. Even if you beat small titans currently, you should aim to beat higher ones in future and have the right heroes ready by then. Unless you wanna wait for AMs forever.

Of course, if all that isn’t important to you, do whatever fits your needs :slight_smile:

And if you really don’t like teltoc, i would save event coins for wonderland.

Btw, anchor has a video on YouTube about which portals are the best. Maybe that could help you in making your decision…

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I’ve watched all those videos. Not helpful at all, read his rating system too also not helpful lol.

if Jackal/Falcon and Wilbur are not interesting for you…

I think Valhalla or costume chamber will give you the best chance of actually getting someone new and useful. Just based on the odds vs. number of heroes available, anyway.

I agree,… but Francine and Vanda both are super great for offense (in theory), I’m not sure in defense. So if you have both earlier, that’s an advantage. Priority offense 1st.

Additional source:
Pirate event: Finley
Avalon: BK
Wonderland: Jabberwock and White Rabbit
Grimforest: Snow White, great for offense
Teltoc: Gazelle and Panther great for offense
Atlantis: Ursena and Mitsuko great offense
Ninja: all Ninja are great offense

Side Notes: if we put def down element to target, and +attack buff, and +normal def down, then do tiles damage, each tiles damage is mostly like damaging with special skill sniper, you can imagine.

Love my Jackal. He is at +20. I will fire him first then my Joon. It is game over for my target. I have Falcon… he go lost in my mix. He is maxed but I have neglected to use him. I was totally oblivious to the -54% to fire over 3 enemies. My Ares is +3. I use Boldtusk in my red stack. Reset Ares and give to falcon?

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You may not be interested in Elemental DEF down now since you’re fighting 1*/2* titans but you’ll deffo need them soon anyway. They are also useful for taking down strings tanks like Telluria, Heimdall, Kunchen and Frigg. So… let’s think.

You’ve got a pretty good collection of costumes & S3 heroes too so is there any hero you kinda want? You may chase that one. That being said, I’d still use some tries on Guardians since they’re a must- doesnt matter if you want or not kill titans now because someday soon you’ll.

You are being a lot restrictive but… Xmas & Easter heroes are all useful as well if you want to try for them. I’m personally saving tokens for Easter.

How sweet. Thank you very much.


Been saving cash and gems for teltoc for ages, there good hero’s there I want.
Got a jackal+18 and a falcon+15 and another falcon maxed plus a bat.
Need the others plus another jackal would be cool.

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Bat is fun. I have one at +20. That extra damage is cool.

Tiene que ser muy divertido poder obtener un heroe que baje defensa elemental lo veo muy util ala hora de pegar alos Titanes combinado con miki wuu Kong Y y buen potenciador de atque seguro q wu kong te de fallas ahora cuando le entren los golpes tiene que ser terrible el daño!! Y esto entusiasma Saludos!!

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