Where do you suggest me to use ascension materials?

Trying to understand how to spend ascension materials, trying to keep my conservative attitude (don’t vaste resource for something crap. Try to maintain a stock:

The black number are the “max ascension” available for each color (heroes are used to mark colors). Considering my materials, I’d say I can ascend another 4* green, two 4* red (or one good 5* from beginning if something cool will arrive) and 2 purple 4* (or a single 5* purple hero).

This is the list of my “locked” heroes:

Sartana and Magni have alright reserved their materials. Sartana is waiting the 5th Damascus blade, Magni instead will be kept frozen for other bunch of time (since my roster of maxed 5* is alright mainly composed by one-shot heroes).

Notes: 5* Vivica and Richard are clones (main Vivica is growing in the last ascension). 4* Rigard and following heroes are clones, but main Rigard has also the maxed costume.

Sartana and Magni are definitely worth ascending.
Atomos and Guardian Owl are not great.
Azlar is decent, but there are significantly better red AoE hero’s at average mana (G.Kong, Anzogh)… If you’re lucky enough to pull them.

As far as your 5’s go…
I’d ascend Sartana and Magni and wait on materials before deciding the others - I would certainly give the first set of darts to Vivica rather than Owl if it were me, I’d hold on for another nature instead of Atomos regardless (all the TC20 hero’s are better - Lianna far better, Kadilen and Elkanen better, even Horg is better).


Yeah I forgot to mention that I already ascendend my main Vivica to tier 4 (I edited my first
message right now). The heroes I was showing in the first screenshot (except for Sartana and Magni) does not underline any intention of an actual ascension to that heroes in particular (for example I would not ascend Atomos). The main reason of the first screenshot is to have an ordered sight of available ascension mats. Let me know if I have to post my already maxed heroes.

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What do you have ascended already? Both in 4*/5*?

I don’t ascend anything in a vacuum - I choose hero’s to enhance/compliment my existing bench where possible… Where not, I’ll pick hero’s that I know I’ll be building around in future (from others in my bench).
For example, I held off on Puss until I pulled Telluria and Freya - at that point it made sense to work on some minion beasts.


Sorry, I see in the text now… Sec!

Wait… Are we only mentioning dupes or are there others maxed that don’t have dupes waiting?

This is my maxed 5* and 4* heroes:

I included also Vivica, Tellura and Little Jhon even if they are not actually maxed since they reached last tier (so they will be surely maxed). [Jhon is waiting Telluria before resuming his training].

My main concern about Magni and Sartana is that almost all my 5* are pure hitters (expecially if you include also those two heroes).


That makes sense early doors…
And I’d also dispute it slightly - Telluria is more a delaying tactic than a killer, I consider her more tactical than a pure hitter. And of course Vivica is a healer.

I think you’ve got a good mix so far and a couple more good snipers are sensible.


Yeah infact I said “almost”: Joon, Mariana, (Sartana), (Magni), and probably Elkanen can be considered Hitters (although Elkanen is not properly a pure hitter)

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So 4*…

Sonya Vs Triton Vs Grimm#2 Vs Kiril#2 Vs Boril

Sonya is a dispeller which is useful… But you have that covered in two colours (Caed/Mel and Sabina) so it’s not a mad priority.
Triton boosts your already good healers, has a great two-way synergy with Kiril (firing order either boosts an already good snipe or boosts Kiril into a “proper” healer).
Grimm and Kiril are great but I wouldn’t prioritize dupes yet.
Boril… You’re past the point where I’d bother with him - maybe later on as a luxury for 4* raid tourneys, but not right now.

No rush as you mentioned LJ needs finishing.
TBH I’d personally do second Caed before Kashh or Skittles - he’s excellent, they’re nothing special.

Colen. Yes he’s slow but hits like a truck.
Gormek is covered by Grimm/Tibs or Wilbur already.

You’re lacking punch here… But aside from Ameonna’s high tiles (titans) there isn’t much of it waiting. A second Rigard will always get war use.

Mana control is useful… LiX over Hu and Danza any day for me.


True, you did :+1:

But those hitters are very useful to have - and as you say, Elk isn’t really a pure damage dealer either, he’s more of a tanky grinder (lower damage but self heals… I count Richard similarly - doesn’t die quickly but doesn’t do the real killing work either).


I actually have a lot of other clones (level 1) I did not mentioned or heroes I not mentioned that I don’t like too much (for example I have two lv1 Sumitomo, but it seems me nothing special). And yeah, currently I am raising my second Rigard, so thank for confirming my idea.

Other (not mentioned) lev 1 duples I have (parenthesis says how many duples I have):
Sumitomo (2), Kelile (2), Scarlet (1), Gormek (1), Little Jhon (3), Wu Kong(1), Chao (1), Liu Xiu (1), Cyprian (1), Sabina (1), Tiburtus (1).

Thank a lot for sharing your opinion and for your time :slight_smile:


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