Vela, Poseidon, King Arthur, justice and Vivica. Who would you ascend?

I’m trying to get a stronger team for wars. My defense and attack line up is Poseidon, Horghall, Boldtusk, Vela, Sartana.

What’s your situation regarding ascension materials? How many maxed 4* do you already have? Is the above screenshot your whole roster?


That’s my whole team. Boldtusk is the only one fully ascended. I’m stuck on Cyprian, not enough materials.

Then I would recommend you shelve all your 5* for now. Finish 2-3 teams of 3* so you can finish the quests to get the materials for your 4*. Then finish 3 teams of 4* so you can finish the quests for your 5*. Then, and only then, should you start leveling your 5*.

This will also help you get stronger for wars. You can do a lot with maxed 3*, and you can max around 4 or 5 3* for the same cost (in feeder heroes, hams, and ascension materials) as 1 5*


Looks like you are a fairly long way off maxing a 5* so I would not worry to much about them for now. Remember the general rule of thumb is a maxed 4* if better (or at least more useful) then a 5* sitting at 3/70.

From your 4’s, I would definitely focus on getting Grimm maxed, he is a great hero.

Start off by finishing the 3* you currently have started (Bathsalts and Jahangir). You don’t have any other "must level " 3*, so you can start on a couple of “must have” 4* in Grimm and Wu Kong. As soon as you finish Balthazar, start giving your purple feeders to Proteus. Your other 4* can wait until you have 3 3* heroes of each color and know how to use them.

Save every hero of 3* or better that you have. Learn how to use them. Learn how their specials work, individually and together.


Ok thanks. I was merging all my threes and fours with the 5s. I’ll starting leveling the lower heroes.

I see you don’t have Bane. Did you feed him? So did I when I started!! Its ok. Like the others have said get those 3s up first and the rest will follow. This game is definitely a marathon not a sprint.

I merged him a few times lol

Do you guys level up your troops before or after? My highest rated troop is level 5. They cost a ton to level.

My suggestion is to hold off on leveling troops until you have at least 30 maxed heros for war.

As you said:

Use the resources for training feeders, feeding the heros you’re working on, and ascending heros. Food is too tight in the early game to focus on troops.

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I think focusing on 4* may be more helpful for you right now. Having a variation of 4s will help you compete in events, raids, and can even be used all the way up through season 2-3. Being able to have multiple combinations of 4s will be a lot more fruitful imo. Leveling up 5* to 3/70 and not having mats is sometimes worse than just fully ascending a 4*. Always be comparing base stats those are what defines a good and lackluster hero.

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I’d focus on 4* heroes. You have a good set of various 4*s. Bring them to 3.60. Learn their specials, then decide whom to max first.

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Skip the three stars, focus on the fours.

King Arthur to 3/70 could make sense, because he’s really good for titans. Otherwise, focus on 4s for now.

Just talking about the heroes in the topic title, King Arthur for blue and Poseidon for holy.

Can’t add much to this thread… all my advice has been given.

So yeah… listen to what the wise folks have said above. Lol.

Happy grinding. :slight_smile:

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