Ascension guide to reach Diamond and staying there – which heroes should I prioritize?

Hello there,

I have the mats for some ascensions and would like to know what would work best to reach diamond and staying there (slacking in platinum at 2100/2200).

Here are my heroes : I’d like to know who should be prioritized

GREEN : Mother North / Evelyn / Kadilen
PURPLE : Kageburado / Sartana / Domitia
RED : Azlar / Mitsuko / C. Kestrel
YELLOW : Vivica / Onatel
BLUE : Magni

Any input is appreciated.

Personally i go with a rainbow for defence.
Mother north
Kage or sartana

Could even do sartana and kage. Have them flanking a viv tank. So either,in order,
Mother north kage viv sartana azlar
Mother north magni viv sart/kage azlar.

My choices to maintain diamond. Good luck

I would go for
MN, Magni, Onatel, Kage, Azlar
But with these heroes whatever you pick you will be in diamond.

Id go with them:



I haven’t dropped from diamond in probably 6 months. You can almost duplicate my defense. Use Onatel as tank, put cage in left flank and Sartana in right wing.


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