Where do you burn flags generally?

I know this won’t be an issue anymore with the release of season 3; but I was just wondering where people go to burn their extra flags if there isn’t special event or challenge?

Season 1 stage 12-9 is my go-to for flag use usually.

Not as many recruits as 8-7 but I have so much WE now and the Advanced House at level 5, that I don’t really need to maximize my efforts for recruits anymore. My camps are loaded.

12-9 gives better EXP gain, has less waves (thus faster farming), and only costs 4 WE.


That’s a good point. The faster one. I will switch now from 8-7 to 12-9 because I’ve got enough recruits, like you, too.

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Season 2 Stage 12-10

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I’m finishing season 2 missions.
But in general not worrying about wasted energy, unless it is AR or challenge event.

normally S1 23-9. max xp and balance packs and swords this is assuming Atlantis is sunk. the it S2 9-9 If may packs and sword get unbalanced the it S2 1H or 6H

Just playing S2 hard atm unless there somthang on POV that I have to do.

I used to farm S2:1-8H for Backpacks, but now that I’m running TC1, TC2, TC11 and TC20, I need Recruits more than anything — so I’m back to farming S1:8-7 all the time.


I generally run S1 5-8 for Backpacks. I’ll do S2 1-9 to just switch it up sometimes.


S2 1:7H

thanks to @Guvnor for turning me onto this level for farming


Thanks for all the replies, everyone! Sometimes it can get really boring if there is no special event or quest; and I do not know how to spend my flags. At the same time, I do not want to waste any so I just randomly farm. Typically I do S1-8-7, S2-1-9 or S2-9-9. If I have some time on hand I would do S2 hard mode just to spice things up.

It all depends where you are in the game aswell. My 2 tc 11 n 20 don’t have to touch as stacked for ages my backpacks one I keep topping up till I run out haven’t yet phew!
But if you have a different approach like @zephyr1 you need more recruits for swords as they burn you out quicker

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S1:8-7, S1:7-4 (if low flag and need fast full monster chest), and S1:6-8.

Edit: will try S1:9-1 as suggested @JAWS_3D

Neat!! I’m not the only one that likes that stage! I prefer it because I feel it provides a better balance of farmable items–specifically wooden swords and adventure kits that often runs dry in Season 1 8-7, but also Mitsuko as a boss seems to draw more recruits than other stages with other bosses from S2. It’s practically comparable for recruits as S1 8-7 for similar usage of WE, but gets it in half the time .

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S1: 9-1. Best spot for large bones and and I need dem bones for minor mana pots cause I abuse them all day long. My doctor said I should lay off them but he’s the one that keeps writing me prescriptions for them…go figure…


As I like to compet in challenge, after one I start with 8-7 for 3* am ( roots and wooden planks), then 9-1, large bones, and then I switch to 6-8 at the end of the month to refill my tornadoes juste after facing a rare titan.

Mainly that’s the plan everymonth, may go s2:19-1 hard time to time to farm planks when i m not confident whit my axe number

S1: 6-8 to fill regular monster chest in autoplay (tired of 8-7, do not need recruits, need feeders and backpacks) combined with
S2: 1-9 N/H autoplay for backpacks (sometimes other S2:1-X stage for variety)

@Lloyd6770 will check S1: 5-8 for backpack farming as well

i used to do S2: 1-8H as well (had 2x tc11 and 1 x tc2 and 1 x tc20 running).

No try to do it like you… do you manage to feed all TCs 24x7 with backpacks, swords, … recruits?

S1-5-8 ever searching for the golden nuggets.

Yes, I’ve been running TC1/2/11/20 24/7 since the last AR.

As long as I have enough Recruits, I’ll be able to maintain this for at least a couple more months.

Before this I was running 2xTC2, 11, and 20 24/7 most of the time, with occasional periods of 2xTC11 and a single TC2, depending on how much I had farmed during AR.

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