Where do you grind for experience? (non-innuendo thread)

Atlantis rises is where I grind for leveling

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During Rises, do you go 1-9 or elsewhere?

Even better is Rare 3 in Challenge Events, though it’s extremely tedious.

If you also want to grind for Backpacks, Province 1 makes sense.

If you’re going for pure XP, Barry Farmz Here tells us S2:9-10 Normal is best.


Rare level 3? Dang, that’s opportuinstic Zeph! Me likey!


Personally I no longer go after experience.

There gets a point where the levelups are just too few and far between that there isn’t any point deliberately trying to farm them.

For me, I reached that point at about level 45. I know others reach it earlier and others later.

Once you’re beyond that point you spend most of your “grinding” time and energy farming for materials. Usually it’s backpacks that people are most interested in farming but also things like Large Bones, Grimoir Dust, Midnight Roots and Nuggets.

In my case I’m always farming for backpacks and nuggets. To do this I spend most of my energy farming S1-5-8 to fill the chests and excess energy gets spent at S2-1-7H


It’s the highest XP/WE you can get, it just takes a lot of effort to burn 1 WE at a time…


Yup it’s what 975 exp/ WE


I do AR 9-10 if I’m trying to level for titan

Yep, exactly. :slightly_smiling_face:


Me as well. Honestly, I’m 89% done with lvl 53 and I’m hell bent on catching up w my Alliance leader who is half done with 55.

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My experience is most people fatigue on farming at some point, and don’t use their flags as consistently.

So if you just keep up farming regularly, you’ll end up passing most people.

I’d just say to be careful not to burn yourself out too. One AR or Challenge Event spent grinding enough can make farming after that seem unbearably tedious.


I\ve been attacking Atlantis hard levels regularly these past months and it has me jumping up levels. Especially with 1-9 on Rises with flasks and tickets.
Just got hip to smacking around the Dark Lord today as I finally finished the outer wall of the hard Atlantis levels.


I find that I can make coffee and fill a monster chest simultaneously.


The AI is kinda dumb, but I get morning coffee out of the ordeal

I can drink a quart of Monkey and still stand still.

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This is very true. I decided to retire from trying to compete in challenge events because it was starting to make me hate the game. Felt like a chore

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Yes. I understand now why people flee immediately if it’s a bad board during the challenges. It’s not enjoyable trying to zip through levels with my mono red team in the midst of a sea of yellow and green tiles.

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I went through all of level 49 last event farming Rare 3.

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Here is how I farm:

When nothing is on: Season 1, 23-9
Atlantis Rises: Season 2, 9-9 + 9-10 for loot tickets (that will stop :slight_smile: )
*I will probably save all possible loot tickets for some heavy XP/heavy difficulty Season 3 stage.
Special Events: 3rd stage of Easy difficulty
Quests: Gain Experience, Scavenge resources, Find Crafting Items I, Iron and Food Quests. No other.
When nothing is on and I have avatar missions on, I do those.
Rare chests: I do the notoriously known stages to fill those, with one exception. I do fire chest in 20-4.

23-9 of Season 1 will be very soon substituted with a Season 3 stage. We are currently on some 384 XP per flag for 3-6-9 and 3-6-10 hard when this gets closer to 400 I will switch to Season 3.
Hopefuly the seventh Province of Season 3 hard difficulty won’t be for 11 WE.

*Special Events: I am not replaying any stages of any difficulty, just the 3rd of Easy.

I have a full list of hopefuly all 1554 different game stages.
Funnily enough, the 23-9 stage I farm is 501th best on the list :slight_smile:


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