What's your take on the grimforest heros?

Just like the title. What do you guys think? For me, none of them make me gitty like other events heros. I’m debating on doing a ten pull or saving for s3 in a few weeks. What’s your favorite hero from this event?

Hansel’s pretty awesome. I’ve got two of him, and am looking forward to being able to get him fully set.

I want Puss, because he heals a bit, has minions, and is a cat… I don’t have any (cool) cats on my roster yet, and that makes the crazy cat lady in me sad. hehe


Last Grimforest I summoned with coins on a whim not really caring and got Gretel. Turns out she has been amazing for my roster. I can’t speak for the 5’s as I don’t expect to get any, but I am considering burning gems and coins to try to get Hansel. A fast mana version of Gretel would be amazing. His class fits well for me too as I have about 200 cleric emblems in the bank.

General consensus from what I hear is if you’re targeting 5’s the smart move is to wait for other events. That all depends on your roster though.

Good luck!


Compared to S3, none of the 5’s in grimforest seem that appealing. Of course chances of pulling a 5 is slim for both… The only grimforest I have is 3* pixie. I have her maxed and she’s great on the challenge & raid tourneys, but S3 has some great heros too. If you’re not sold on grimforest, I’d probably save up for S3.

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I have most, but Teltoc is more rounded

The power creep On HotM and the drip release on S3 makes a lot of the event hero’s nice to have but not worth the attempt imo

Here is my roster. I got 14 telescopes and would like some better blues to upgrade.

Hansel & Gretel are the golden, glittering prizes of Grimforest draws. If you don’t have those, I would make the bold claim that the summons are worth it just for these awesome 4*. If you’re looking for 5*, look elsewhere. But Hansel is so good that if I could pick a second one or a mediocre 5*, I’d take another Hansel with a smile.

I use Hansel & Gretel in my offensive team. I also use Telluria, so I’m always doubling on green and skipping on blue. Even if the enemy tank is Azlar. Hansel is that good. And once I get him & Gretel together, what often happens is the enemy tank fires once. After that, nobody does anything without my permission.

There you have it. For tournaments and wars, I eagerly present Hansel. Gretel makes an excellent sidekick for him, because two witch hunters make excellent mana control. Hansel is, without competition, my favorite 4* ever. (But no, I’ve never held Jackal. Can’t say I’ve seen every vista yet.)

But the 5*? Eh. They’re not the worst, but none of them are the best. I’d rather summon anywhere else if I’m only looking at 5*.

I don’t have the Pixie yet, but I’d like one of those too


True… They’re all better than most of the S1 5*… But they’re not up with the power creep of the S3 for example.


Puss is something of a keystone in effective minion madness teams - he gets LoTL going quicker, gets QoH a second taunt minion and has some deep synergy with Freya (between them they give HoT, attack buff, defence buff, Puss gets boosted attack on two high attack minions and Freya gets a second which more than doubles her minion damage output).

Okay minion teams are niche and it takes a deliberate choice to build that team… But if you enjoy minion play then he’s important.


Snowy has huge power potential, if you like slows.


Rumple is fun, Danza without the downsides, if you like being a bishop in the church of RNG-sus.


As you say, they’re all “okay” but none are particularly essential - they’re all fun concepts and they’re the least sane/vanilla set of specials in the game, there’s a twist in most that you don’t see elsewhere.


Overall the 5* are pretty underwhelming. Puss looks to be the best. I was excited for snow white but her final version didn’t appeal to me.
It is the only event without a fast 5* and lacks 2 colors.

The 4* are really good, the 3* is ok.

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Hansel and Gretel? :ok_hand:
The 5*'s? … :neutral_face:
Nothing spectacular there for me, and I kinda regret blowing my gems on this event. Ah well.

PiB is great when paired with other minionators. The attck boost and heal are nice too. Overall he’s a really solid support hero with the right team. During the recent trials of shadows I had him paired with LotL and not one of the bosses was able to get their special off on the final level. PiB has great tile damage too so with that and the attck boost he adds nicely to a red stack.

Snow White is awesome but situational. Have her at 4.80 and with the right heroes and the right opposition she tears it up. I always like bringing her to teams that have Aegir or Wilbur. Once they apply their buffs/de-buffs Snow White becomes devastating albeit if you can deal with the slow mana.

Haven’t used Red Hood a ton but she seems effective when I have used her. Just don’t have her at a level yet where I bring her to the fight much. So far it’s just been trials with her.

Boss Wolf? His special doesn’t warrant the very slow mana speed. He is tough when maxed but being very slow kills him.

Don’t fight Rumple much and haven’t used him much but I like the random nature of his special. The unpredictability of it probably either kills him for a player or makes him great depending on player. It’s cool cause it’s unpredictable imo. As was mentioned above it would add to the fun factor depending on player.

Hansel is awesome. One of my favorite 4* in game.

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I haven’t maxed any of the 5s
Maxed 2 hansels

Dont have pib or hood but i don’t see them worth the rings in current meta so not pullin in fables and haven’t in awhile

Guardians is still the most worthwhile event
Rest are meh

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Snow, Puss & Hoodie are worth mats, but no game changers in there, if you already have Hans.


In my honest opinion, Hansel and Gretel are a must have.
Red Hood plays really well with Telluria.
Other than that the event heroes are just ok
Good luck

They have always been a little lackluster, but since the inception of the latest heroes into each challenge event (and the wonderland event in general) these heroes have fallen by the wayside. Red Hood used to be the boss of this event can’t hold a candle to any of the other bosses (Sargosso included). Boss wolf has been outshined by other heroes. Rumpelstiltskin is the only original 5* from this event that has proven to be useful, regardless of what he does. The latest entries are nice I suppose, but they are the weakest iterations from the new generation of 5* challenge event heroes. All in all, I grade Grimforest as the weakest challenge event. Without a buff to these heroes in some way, I will always leave this portal alone.


IMO given your roster the 5* wouldn’t be worth it unless you think a specific one is cool and you want it.

That being said you don’t have either Hansel or Gretel and I think they are two of some of the best 4*’s in the game and can be used against 5*’s. Definitely worth having/getting. Good luck if you go after them! Let us know how you do.

I have Hansel and Rumpel…I don’t need more. IMO Greenforest heroes are the worst compared with other events.

PIB and Red hood I’ve wanted previously . However they have never bothered me in raids and would use my mats on other heroes if pulled. Hansel does the job in that lot of heroes

Majority seem to think that the “witch killing” siblings (Hansel and Gretel) are worth, and I tend to agree. More or less the same affect as silencing, and I could use more silencers.

Though at this point, I’m pretty much open to any new 4-5* that isn’t season one.

Not worth paying gems or $ for IMO. Good heroes I’d like to have but each summon has ~85% chance of getting season 1 hero.

IMO, season 1 heroes being everywhere is the one part of this game that is broken.


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