What do you think about the grimforest heroes?

I havent played with any of them but im trying to decide if i should do some pulls for them. Right now im thinking ill probably do a 10x pull. I have terrible luck getting event heroes though. Hansel and gretel look pretty awesome and i could use some green guys right now so i think hansel is who i am aiming for.

The 5*s on the other hand is where im really looking for opinions. Boss Wolf seems pretty terrible tbh. His very slow speed seems like he wouldnt go off in most cases. Im not eve. That impressed with his special. On a side note i know guardian owl most people dont like and i probably wouldnt use him either because of his speed but i actually really like his “hail mary” special.

Red hood seems pretty lackluster to me also. I have no red 5s yet but i have the mats to ascend a red 5 (isnt that how it always goes, you have mats for heroes you dont have and you lack mats for the heroes you do? Smh) but she doesnt seem that good to me. Kinda reminds me of anzogh. Aoe hitter and creates healer minions. Unless i mosread her special.

Rumplestiltskin is probably my favorite 5* of the grimforest heroes. I kinda like the wildcard aspect and the fact that, unlike danzaburo, all of his “cards” do something beneficial. I feel like he could really help for your war roster and he is generally a pretty good hero but at the same time i feel like because of his unpredictability he is hard to build an effiect team around. I also pulled athena from the last atlantis so if i did get him it would be a long time before he could get levelled.

I wanna know your guys thoughts on the grimforest heroes. Do i have it all wrong. Are they heroes that i should go after (even though i know how terrible and stupid it is to chase heroes lol). Just want some opinions on these guys. Thanks


Hansel. He’s so hot right now.


I’ve got Rumplestiltskin maxed-up and tricked-out with emblems (level 7). He’s, predictably, a wildcard lol. Very fun on offense, bit of a gamble on defense.

I’m currently raiding 3:2 with Lianna/Hansel/Alberich + Joon/Jackall (or sometimes Kunchen/Sartana).

But… I used to raid 2:2:1 with Rumplestiltskin as the “1” and it was good fun. I’d always pop his special mid-match. Sometimes he’d heal, other times burn and dot, sometimes defense-down + ally buff. He never let me down on offense, and always provided something for the team to work with.

On defense, he’s my weakest link. I need to get Frida or Magni elevated to tier 4. Definitely my biggest gap, since I only have Boril and Sonya maxed out as other blues.

tl;dr Rumplestiltskin is a really fun hero, useful on offense, and against titans. But he’s not a “main blue,” you probably want a more traditional hero if he’s one of your first 5 legendaries.


BW is on top3 of E&P top tanks.
Hansel is a reason to pull in Grimforest by himself.
Gretel is a lesser version of Hansel
Rump is a roll of dice
RH seems kinda cool, haven’t fought her a lot, so no real knowledge here.

I have none of these, so might pull sa few times.


Hansel is so good.

I pulled him last time around, and haven’t stopped using him.

Fast action mana control is so damned good on offense.


I got Gretel from a single gem pull at the last Grimforest. Though not as popular as Hansel, she is definitely a very useful hero. I use her a lot in wars and raids against fast mana enemies. Never regretted maxing her.

I am F2P and only have enough gems for one pull for this coming Grimforest. I am really hoping for Hansel.

Best of luck to all!


Aside from Hansel, none of the Grimforest heroes are anywhere close to “must haves”. Hansel and Buddy (Christmas) are the top two green 4* heroes in the game, so Hansel probably merits some draws if you’re in a hurry. In the best of all worlds, though, you wait 5 months for the next Grimforest, when we’ll have two new 5* heroes added (Snow White and Puss in Boots). Even these two, however, are among the weakest in the new batch.


Hansel is awesome.

Gretel is a worse version of him since she’s slower. But still good. She’s the one I was lucky enough to get.

The other I have is Red Hood. She makes those poison mist stages in Season 2 much easier, and she’s the only ranger that can heal. She isn’t great against titans though. For defense she’s okay, if I had Anzogh though she wouldn’t be there since he does the same thing as her but better.

I see Boss Wolf as a tank when I raid and he’s a pain to fight.

Rumpelstilskin I never see. One of my alliance mates has him, he says he’s funny but not very reliable, exclusively reserved for cleaning up weakened war teams.





I want Hansel; He will go great with Evelyn


I’m going to try for another Hansel. Have him class 14 now and he’s on my green 3-2 raid team with alby+6 and eve+5.

Have lianna 3/70, caedmon, hatter 3/50, MLF, Greg and while I’d like to max them eventually, tonics are so hard to come by.

Boss Wolf can be a pita tank but he’s sitting since I have kunchen.

Since I don’t really want red or rumple, I’ll probably end up with them or more gretels.

I have Hansel at +16, 1 emblem away from 17. He’s a mainstay in my green stack along with Buddy at +17 and now Margaret. Melendor +15 joins in when I want to go 4 stack. Not sure where to put the next set of Cleric emblems. It’s either Boril, Elk or Gafar though only Elk is leveled.

Elk would get good use since the heal is derived from the amount of damage he does so going attack route is doubly good.

Like a couple other people said, he can be a B version of aegir. I’ve faced an elk+5 tank and he fired 3x with his fast mana and heal

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Interesting stuff. Thanks guys. Looks like ill be doing 1 maybe 2 10x pulls to see if i can score hansel or gretel. Like i said before i have horrible luck with event heros but its worth a shot. I have always thought boss wolf was considered one kf the worst 5*s. It kinda blew my mind that he is the 3rd top tank. Im still raiding in platinum so ive never faced him. know that i think more about it, if he can fire off once then his mana buff should make it quite a bit easier to fire off again as long as he doesnt get killed. Paired with a healer he seems like he could be a freight train kinda hero. Slow to get his special going but hard to stop it once it gets going. I wonder if now that seshat is out if guin tanks will become less usable and we could see a different hero become the tank of choice. It would be pretty nice to see a variety of good tank heroes being utilized instead of there being one that is hands dow. Better than the rest. I think that would be pretty refreshing.

Hänsel is the hero I see regularly in diamond. The others not so often, but he is great.

I have only Red, she sucks, I don’t use her anymore.

Hansel is the reason why you should pull in Grimmforest. I’m aiming for my second one, although I wouldn’t cry if Gretel comes with him. Yellow 4*s in my roster are a bit of sorry bunch.

5 stars are a bit meh to me, Redhood looks cool and Rumppels is probably fun to play with, but I have Anzgoh so another halfway there red five star isn’t my top priority.

I’ll do one ten pull, hoping for Seshat more than event heroes.


I only have Hansel and Gretal and they are both good.

I avoid raiding tank boss because he is a pain. Don’t see him often though.

Red is solid and can be a pain but isn’t overwhelming.

Rumple is a wildcard as stated. Not worth much but can be fun to use. I like fun so wouldn’t mind him but won’t try for him. If he comes cool.

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Grimforest was my first event and the first time I did a 10 pull - Red Hood and Hansel. I left Hansel at 1/1 until recently and it was one of my worst decisions in EnP. He has saved me on so many raids and is my strongest green for colour stack.

I have RH at 3/50 and she was one of my first healers. Not great in that role, but she’s a great support hero in a 2:2:1 stack as the plus one.

These heroes may not be as good as those you could pull from Guardians or Knights, but if you do get lucky and are in need of classic heroes as well, it’s well worth doing a 10 pull.

only Hansel imo , others are so-so hero and not worth to all-in pull at least until they introduce new heroes

keep your gem for Atlantis , at least you get Free Mats chest every 10x pull

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