Grimforest and Santa Heroes

Need help again and advice. Recently pulled Pixie, Rudolph, 2 Tyrum, 2 Grimm, Hansel, Snow White, Lixiu, Quintus and Grimble extra draw. And later Boril, Scarlett and Chao. Who is bad, who is good and 2 Grimms or is one enough.

In my honest opinion, it all depends on your current roster. And your play style. And what you need ie war heroes, Titan heroes, Trial heroes etc.
But from your list I would defo say Snow White, Hansel, 2 x Grimm, Li Xiu, Boril, Scarlett, Chao, Grimble and if you have no other purple, Quintus is ok - but do him last and hope for the costume. Good luck


Hello, great pull.


Rudolph is highest attack stats 3* heroes red and has great skill.
Scarlett is highest 4* att stat, very valuable for titan stack color and also for raid.


Grimm is great, and I also keep dup, very valuable for trial quest.
Boril is great tank for Platinum and low Diamond arena, and also help for map quest, raid with many AoE hitter.
Snow White is great, she will be more great if opponent has many buff active, or we can add opponent buff with Wilbur (tricky).


Hansel is top 4* green so far, fast mana control.


Pixie is great for tournament, she is like Hansel but on avarage, but for 3* heroes she is best, and great for event challange bosses.
Li Xiu is good for defense tank/flank in Platinum and low Diamon arena. Also decent for challange event, etc.
Chao is decent for event challange, etc.


Tyrum is good fast dispell, and also great if you get the costume, for fast cleanser.
Grimble is great against opponent with heavy minions.
Quintus is not so great, but decent for defense, plus good if we put him costume.


To be honest I like Quintus. And thanks for your reply.

Thank you :slight_smile:

And thank you for your time, help and reply! @jinbatsu and can you tell me what you think of Prisca, Nashgar, Azar, Dawa, Karil, Gunnar and Friar tuck?

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They are all good and most are pretty much staples of the game. You will need to post your bench to get a good idea of how each will impact you.

The 2 that stand out are Hansel and Snow White. Hansel is a top 4-star and you will love him. Snow White can be great or awful depenidnig on who you have to set her up. Wilbur or Aegir are almost required to get her to her max (either on your team or your oponents). Without the right setup, she is a very weak hero.

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@Hcmitchellr ok here it is


So that means Will has to be with her in a team?

Nashgar, Azar and Gunnar is good, others are not so good. But we have new feature costumes for S1 heroes, so I can not said those heroes are not worth. We will see later if there are appear on costumes portal, and can make them valuable or not.

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Scarlet and Quintus = T RASSSH

Scarlet and Quint are not trash.

You can use Snow White with or against him. The key is he has to cast first and then you can fire her off. It doesn’t have to be Wilbur, but you want a large amount of buffs and debuffs up to feed her damage.

Focus on those 4 stars. You want to level all of them that are average speed or faster. You need them to get you trough events and quests so you can level those 5s


Pixie and Rudolph are very good 3 star event heroes. Rudolph being the highest attack stat for 3 stars and Pixie being one of the few cleric hitters and Hansel and Gretel’s special. Keep at least one extra Tyrum in case you get his costume because he will join Gill-Ra as one of two team cleanser in the 3 stars and he is the only rogue team cleanser too.

Keep one extra of Gunnar as his outfit is the second half of Wilbur’s special. And it is a good substitute if you do not have Wilbur. Keep Li Xiu as she is Chao if he was AoE. Her outfit makes her a rogue who does not have any mana cutters. Snow White is a bit of a strategist one as she clears both buffs and debuffs and does direct damage to opponents. I would read the Snow White thread to get a bit of a clearer picture on how to play her.

For Grimm, keep 2 anyway because he getting a costume, we just do not know what round of released ones he will be in. Grimble, he is a very niche hero like Gobbler and Capt of Diamonds. No need to level him up right away, he is gonna be good in 5 star very fast tourneys where dark and holy are allowed because of his blind resistance. Congrats on the Grimble pull, I got 2 on the same profile myself. Got one on a set of X-Mas pulls and the other on a Fables x10 pull.


@jinbatsu Okay! thanks :slight_smile: and have a great Sunday.

Yes absolutely not!

Yes I am working on them. And thank you as well.

Going now to try them together :+1:

@Aunty_Krauser Dear Aunty as always nice explanation. Thank you very much :kissing_heart: and have a great and relaxed Sunday! Thanks for all the useful information.


Thanks and you too :slight_smile: I love him I always laugh my butt off when he runs across the table. And that sheep sound…

I do have him

I couldn’t even if I wanted. Will finish my 4* and Kingston and Neith come first.

She is bad! One hit everybody dies I like that lol. Was looking for Snow White thread but the time I looked, there was not really something said about her. Nothing that helped me. Maybe now.