Grimforest team

I love fairytales. I like these Grimforest characters.

I’m wondering, does anyone have a full Grimforest team?

I’m slowly building one. It’s not a tactical team, it’s aesthetic.

If you have one, I’d love to see it!

Discuss. Share.


Have one and love it, was hunting for Puss, no luck :smile:

And off topic, I got a springvale team too, my raid d, keeps me easily around 2400 cups :rabbit:


@vanZille That is beautiful! And so advanced! Great to see!
(I think you’ve shown me that team in some other thread, but this is better)

Thank you, I feel encouraged. There’s always been someone else to advance for tactical reasons. Ariel ahead of Rumpel, Marj ahead of Red, sitting on the fence about Boss Wolf.

I just don’t love the standard ‘competitive’ teams as much, though I like to be competitive. If that makes sense.

Well, I shall delay no longer!

I too would love the Puss!

I love your Springvale team too! (Your def team??)


A full grimforest d can work in war too, if you don’t run green tanks at best :smile:
The springvale ones are my permanent raid d to get down around 2400 cups over night and meet someone else than the boring tell tank defenses. Once you crack 2600 cups you only meet those, or even worse heimdall tanks. Killhare is ursena 2.0 on tank, with family bonus she wipes everyone out, if not then jack picks up the pieces, both around 1100 attack. I’m testing those recently for war, with lepus it could work, miss him like I miss Puss for a devastating family d. :thinking:
D i use the most for war and family ideas:


Nice! I like your third team… I would love to try the Grimforest team (once it exists) somewhere. No, I will!

I like your idea of dropping cups to meet more interesting teams. I hover around 2700 cups, and yes, it does get boring!

My fairytale team might not make it into raids right now, my existing main attack team is quite powerful and I like it. But then they might, I can’t wait to try. In war time for sure!

I am always looking for interesting. Non-boring. Heroes too.

I’m a bit light on Springvale, I have Roostley, Woolerton and Jack.

I’ll be gunning for the Pirates. Why? Because I like pirates. They have guns. I love my Lady Locke and I want them all! (The others I have are 3 x Peters and a Boomer)

I’m just so happy to meet someone who “gets it” @vanZille , that was the intent of this thread.


@vanZille as if you need fuel for your fire…

I just lost 3 revenge raids against this team:

The bunnies are strong… Roostley as flank doesn’t help.


Yeah, that lineup would scare me home to hide in the bathtub.


Hey @vanZille are you on the Line?

No, we just have discord and that one :slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure it’s the actual one, but I think so :thinking:


Oh geez, that team looks terrifying.

The Springvale heroes give each other +20% attack from their family bonus.

On top of that, if Black Knight fires he protects all of them and buffs their attack even further.

And to top it off, then you have Zeline protecting Black Knight from a blue stack.


That’s a very well built defense team.


Hmmm, @vanZille the server links have expired. Shame… Downloaded discord again just to have a conversation. Dang!

BTW, I’m German speaking too. Guess due to the fact that I’m German…

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That one should work :slightly_smiling_face:

Oh my goodness, @vanZille I can’t make this discord thing work… it’s a server address, yes? When I type it in, it wants an invitation!? Confused…:pleading_face:

Maybe this… my discord user name is Dadinator#1995

@HerrKa Faced one, not as emblemed as mine, still fun to meet one. Freya tank is a nice idea, Snow White on wing isn’t imo :thinking:

My raid d is a bit more emblemed now too, easily holding me in diamond :smile:


Hey @vanZille wonderful! Thanks for sharing :smiley:!

Mine has advanced a teeny bit, Red finally made it at the expense of Anzogh or Grazul or whatever. Rumpel advanced last week without much competition, woohoo!

STILL sitting on the fence with the Wolf. (Could advance him right now, but… we all know he’s pretty nerfy…)

Emblems I don’t know. Started to free up Rangers and Barbarians, Ariel is still gobbling up Clerics, strapped on Sorcerers…

Here’s the update


About time for an update to this. Red received some more emblems and I finally graduated the Boss! Rush war the excuse I needed. And some spare druids.

Very happy. I haven’t used the Wolf yet, but I will…

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Don’t know if my Grimforest team will be fully leveled ever, but I think the Grimforest family bonus is pretty awesome. Also have Hansel maxed and Gretel is close.

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I love it!! Boy, would I like to get my hands on Snow-White!!! :wolf:

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She is great man. Once fully emblemed she’ll be a terror. I enjoy pairing her with Wilbur for max effect when her special hits.

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Nice! Fireworks :fireworks::sparkler: :fireworks:

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