What's better?- Onatel or Inari?

Onatel or Inari ??? I do not know who to improve on 4 lvl

Hello and welcome @Tygrysek! I have both at 3/70 , but I use Onatel much more. She has been great for me for purple titans…I rarely need to use time stops because of the mana steal special…she also does some damage to three, and heals other holy a bit, so useful for stacking teams in war and raids as well depending on the opponent.

Inari is fun, with a little healing thrown in, but not used that much as I have better holy heroes. She has come in useful in some of the class trials when I haven’t had that many of the rogue class for a good team.


I would say it’s my honest opinion that Onatel is the better hero.

In most situations Onatel - she is a beast once you get her going and feed her properly.

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Any hero that does no direct damage depends on the rest of the team for the kill shots–or her tile damage. While Inari can seriously mess with your foe, I think Onatel is one of the best hero designs overall IF you are willing to be a thoughtful strategist.


…and have patience. PATIENCE. Don’t overwrite that 100% mana steal with 25% because she’s blinking. Be. Patient. (or fire it on the other half of the board)


Can you explain this in more detail? Seen many people talk about ‘knowing how to use her’ or being ‘patient’.
Do you simply mean don’t refire at targets still feeling her effects as that overwrites the 100% mana steal with a 25% or is there more strategy to it? i.e ensuring you hit the targets with alot of times on turns 1-4?

I’ve got her at 3/45, got the 4 orbs, just waiting on 4 more darts to ascend to the next level…

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Sure thing. Obviously, like all ‘hit-3’ you have to aim her. I want to make sure her special covers essential heroes. Healers, Azlar, maybe Grave or Kage if you have a good buff up. Mechanically speaking, over 4 turns she steals 25%, 50%, 75%, then 100% of gained mana. Generally speaking you’re going to want her to hit 3 enemies, so that is flank-tank-tank, or tank-flank-wing. Varies greatly by the team lineup. I want to cover any healer for sure, so if there is a healer in the wing, or a devastating AOE enemy like Azlar/Isarnia in the wing, then I try to make sure I cover them.

Depending on how much mana the “covered” heroes already have I will often try to completely avoid that side of the board for at least the first 2 turns. Focus on sending tiles against the two non-covered heros if possible. Then when the 3rd turn arises, send as many tiles as possible at your covered enemies. If they have a “Very Fast” hero, then try to save that for the 4th turn. It keeps them from filling their mana and it helps you gain even more by stealing their more rapidly filled mana.

IF you happen to get Onatel fired up again before turn 3 or 4 then feel free to use her against the 2 uncovered enemies. But remember not to overwrite the tank. So you need to aim her at the far wing to only cover the uncovered wing-tank. To me having Onatel fired up after turn-2 of her special is the best case scenario. You have 3 enemies covered, you can fire her at the 2 non-covered enemies and then go back to slinging tiles at the 3 covered ones - stealing 75 & then 100% mana for the next 2 turns. If you can send a combo downrange on a fast mana hero you can probably get Onatel ready to roll again so that you can cover those 3 again.

…keep in mind during all of this that you’ll still fill the mana of your other 4 heroes so you should be able to target the most dangerous enemies with your snipers.

I would say that Onatel is the #1 reason why I’ve moved higher and stayed more consistent in trophies. I’m not one of the “big guys” by any means, but I’ve snuck into the Top50 a time or two. Most days I’ll sit around 2650-2700 cups for most of the day.

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Onatel for both ends.

Inari in yellow stack offense.

Thanks Sean, that’s perfect!
I already mostly use her like that, but was a few good things to keep in mind for future and actually focus on, rather than just letting her ride once shes charging.

She’s clearly my number one, only have her, Magni & Elkannen as 5* so far and she has been unreal… just recently moved her to tank mostly now as she is quite strong as nears 3/70, but also use Cyprian and others on occasion. Only sitting around 1700-1900 cups.

Onatel is more helpful for all the game features…raids titan

Inari’s dodge is quite annoying but Onatel can really help out in battle.

I have had times with 2 or 3 enemies left with half health or less left and Onatel was able to secure victory. Ghosting tiles and using her special carefully is key. But her 4% heal yellow comes in quite handy on occasions as well as the mana steal. So don’t overlook that aspect either.

I have Onatel fully ascended and she is tank on my defense team, Most of the time i wake up & i see +cups, so definately i vote for Onatel :wink:

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Just piling on at this point, but I :heart: Onatel. I am finishing so much more content by being able to use her for mana control, and I’m not even really using her that much in raids yet. I have her at 3^68, and I’m dying for some more darts so I can unleash her full wrath on my enemies! :smile: As FTP, she’s my only 5-star, and I still can’t believe I had the luck to pull her. Obviously, that means I can’t tell you much about Inari, but I almost never see her, which tells me something. It’s all about the “blind seer”!