Inari Vs Onatel

Hey All, another one of these threads. Have read majority of threads on both heros but still can’t decide.

Yellow is my big question. Onatel or Inari.

Current linup is:
Yellow - Poseidon +7, Onatel & Inari 3/70, Justice 1/1 (5 darts)
Blue - Frida +5, Magni 3/70 (4 scopes) Richard 2/60 & Thorne 1/1 - Magni gets the scopes
Green - Elkannen 4/42, Marg 2/60 (5 tonics) - will take to 3/70 and wait until 12 tonics to decide
Purple - Dom 3/15 (6 tabbards will ascend unless Sartana arrives)
Red - Azlar +6, no waiting heros, (1 ring)

Have all the main 4*'s except BT. Plus Proteus, Wilbur, G.Falcon, Gaderius, C.Cat & Danza.

Emblems - 400 rogue emblems sitting idle… options are Scarlett, Domitia, Inari or Marg
Wizard: 83 currently, Kiril +14 and Proteus +4, don’t really want to reset either.

Interests: like doing everything in the game - Titans, Raids, War, events, map.
Am least concerned about defense. Our alliance run purple tanks and no good options available, so not stressed about that.

Thanks for any assistance / thoughts

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This comes from the perspective of somebody who has neither, so take it what it is.

Onatel is more versatile than Inari and works better in yellow stacks, especially if you decide to go with full mana-cut (Chao-Onatel-Li Xiu) in a raid, and Onatel is a F@#%!@%^ irritating tank. I’m getting to the point that if I see that b… hero, I go full mono and hope she explodes before firing. The elemental link is also probably helpful when going with full yellow stacks.

Inari seems like a more defensive hero who is good at protecting the team against dangerous specials, but being reactive and percentage based means she seems unreliable in fights. I’d rather have a Kadilen, Kiril, or Queen of Hearts by comparison because I know what’s going to happen there. I don’t know what’s going to happen if I activate Inari. So, Marge would be better for that purpose, but she’s also a questionable ascend for all but the deepest benches. Inari has great tile damage, but that’s kind of it. A defensive hero whose purpose is only best in offensive raids seems like a small niche. A great niche, but not a particularly compelling argument for ascension.

So I’d go with Onatel.

And give the rogue emblems to Scarlett. Or Domitia. Scarlett would probably be better as she’d improve your red offensive bench given its pretty light on great options… or any options really.

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Inari is pretty niche. Dont see her much up in diamond. Offensively she might be good. Onatel, on the other hand, I use for everything. Offensive and defensive, challenges, and events she’s really useful. The only thing she falls short in is titans.

Looking at your lineup as well, you can really use a tank. Onatel can fill that role.

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Elkanen is a serviceable tank in Diamond, but Onatel is much better.

The few times I see Inari in Diamond, I just see her as a free kill. This is exaggerating a bit as she’s about as dangerous as any other 5* hero, but I remember one time her foxes kept going off, and she was irritating to dig out of the flank with my snipers (her and the wing behind her), but they both just got obliterated by a tile cascade.

It’s worth mentioning because that’s the one time I remember her giving me problems, and I still won pretty easily.

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I like Inari a lot, but your situation seems like Onatel is the better choice. She’s more versatile given your roster at this point. Inari is better for offense, especially in a stack, huge tile damage, she’s an easy kill when controlled by the AI. Onatel, can tank or flank exceptionally on defense, she’ll help your war defense flanking your purple. Offensively, she controls mana and win you raids. I’d say Inari is better for titans but Onatel is equal or better in all other aspects.

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Thanks everyone for the feedback, appreciate it.

Kind of along the lines of what I’ve been thinking, Onatel is the more practical choice. She is far more versatile and sturdier and will be better at this stage of the game for me.

I love using Inari on raids / war and I think that was swaying my judgment.

*I don’t really mind about Inari not being a good option for defense, Poseidon can take up the yellow spot on defense. Feel like defense is very overrated. Majority of activities / rewards in this game are based on offense… purple is the only colour (due to alliance tank) that I would select a hero on their ability to tank / defensive performance

I still take Inari over Onatel every day of the week and twice on sundays.
But that’s more consequence of the kind of player i am.

Do not be afraid, there’s no wrong choice here.
Follow your heart~

Thanks everyone for their opinions, I certainly yo-yo’d, but ended up going with Inari, have her maxed +6 now and enjoying it (111 emblems remaining, so will ascend her further).

Whilst those advising Onatel were probably correct and the way I should have gone, decided on her for a few reasons, but mostly just because I find her fun to use.

  • Onatel is serviceable at 3/70, Inari is not
  • Had all rogue emblems available and can put remaining wizard emblems into Proteus +12 for now (Kiril +14 also).
  • I’ve completed S2, so until S3 arrives - war / titans are main objectives and I think Inari is better at these two
  • Defense, not so fussed with, Poseidon can be yellow on defense

The only area where I think Onatel would clearly be better is Events, but gotta decide somehow.

Good luck all on your choices

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