Onatel, devana or uraeus?

I have 12 mats. I need to choose two heroes. Wars, battles and titans. I am leaning for Onatel and Devana.

I have the same 3 and I would pick Onatel and Devana as the best 2 as well. Onatel is a great mana controler and her blind resistance is nice as well as small healing link. Devana is great all around with her dispel and beefy minion. Her small mana gain link is also useful as well.


I agree that Onatel and Devana are the best 2 of the 3. However, and sincere advice. My Onatel has been back benched to the greater newer meaner Holy heros. But, Onatel has been my original favourite pulling her from the start!!! Best of luck!

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I have to go with the majority here. Onatel and Devana would be my choice as well


Devana is great. Don’t have onatel so I went with uraeus

I would also choose the same two

  • Onatel for mana control
  • Devana for dispel, and minion that destroys other minions (plus her immunity to minion effects is super helpful too!)
  • Onatel
  • Devana
  • Uraeus

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I don’t have Uraeus, but I do have the other two, and both of them surprised me with how good they are, even though I expected them to be good. Onatel was my first-ever five star, and she just never becomes obsolete. Her skill kit is always useful. And Devana’s minions are no joke, either. Onatel’s element link heal and Devana’s beefy minions have helped me pull out a close win that should have been an outright loss on more than a few occasions. Highly recommend them both.

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I was surprised how effective Devana is when I first gave her a run. So much so that I LB her.