What would you do ? (Hypothetical)

Gday champs :slight_smile: With KOA fast approaching it got me thinking about a completely hypothetical scenario. What if I scored Guin from a pull and would she make my defence team?
As we all know, Guin is still more or less the top tank (debatable by some but lets move in).
My current defence team is all tier 9 emblems and from left to right: Seshat Zeline Aegir/Ariel GM and Drake.

The defence team works really well and I am in no thought process to change it, but it would seem very odd if Guin came along and was not used. The options I see are as follows

  1. Leave as is, guin can bench warm cuz hey maybe we can change the class one day
  2. Remove Drake, and throw Guin is at Tank.
  3. Same as 3 but strip Zeline from Wizard emblems and tier 9 Guin. (Although doing this would hurt my soul) haha

Anyways, totally hypothetical and chances are Guin wont even land in ma roster but food for thought and would love to see what ya’ll would do.

If you don’t use yellows as war’s tank you could:


But both Zeline and Drake Fong are top tiers defenders and better attackers than Guinevere.

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This was just for Raid defence, sorry shoulda mentioned that. Alliance doesn’t really use Yellow for war tanks.

I don’t really see Guin meaningfully improving your Raid Defense, nor being worth removing Emblems from Zeline.

As @FraVit93 said,

And you don’t plan to use Guin as a War tank, so If you leveled her at all it would just be for bench depth on Offense…which she’s not superb for.

I’d just suggest not Summoning during Knights, personally.


Cheers Zeph, always appreciated. May just gem save for now :slight_smile:

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