Should I level up Guin?

Hi everyone, as the title says I am doubting if I should level Guin up with 6 of my 10 darts. This is my current roster:

My alliance runs green tanks and my yellow stack is composed by Gazelle, Musashi, Chackal, Gretel and Vivica/Onatel. My war defense team is Musashi, QoH, C. Kadilen, Vela, Sartana. As you can see my wizard emblems are placed on Sartana and Proteus so, in theory, Guin is not getting emblems in the near future.

My feeling is there won’t be any great improvement on my attack team having Guin in there, and she doesn’t have a place in my defense team neither. In titans won’t be usable since I prefer to use Gazelle.

BUT Guin is recognized in the forum as one of the best heroes in the game so, am I missing something? Do you guys think different?

Any comment, suggestion or recommendation will be highly appreciated! Many thanks

Currently, i would say save your materials.

She is an excellent tank (probably the best yellow tank) but not much else…

She is usable on attack but i personally use someone else.

btw i have her maxed and sometimes use her are tank for fun instead of telluria


Guin is really good as a tank but not so great on offense. Maybe I would wait a little bit and see if the meta will shift after the balances go live. If your alliance maybe decides to switch tank color, Guin could become relevant. If you stick with green, I wouldn’t ascend her for now. Maybe a second Onatel for war offense then!? or wait…

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Personally, I would wait to see what happens when the new rebalancing changes occur later this week.

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Guinevere is slept on for offense IMO. Healing to nearby is eh but it does keep those heroes beside her alive.

Personally I value her mostly for the mana reduction. I pair mine with Neith and cLi Xiu, that’s in total a 40% mana reduction to all enemies. Sometimes I’ll throw in Leonidas too if I go mono, and he often helps drain the remaining mana back to 0 from the one he hits. Even for average speed, this feels super silly to me sometimes.

You could make that work even without Neith, just throw one of your Onatels in there instead and aim her at the center. Mana reductions don’t interfere with her mana stealing (in fact, they combo quite nicely together).

Personally I see no reason to hold back the darts myself. She’s known as one of the best tanks in the game, but I think she’s useful for offense too. Just my opinion and experience.


I’d save the darts. She is extremely limited on offense and the only position in which she excels on defense is the tank spot.

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I do bring guin on my Mono yellow jackal poseidon guin chao lixui that mana taken does help but I also do lack holy hero’s. Depends on how much you pull aswell if you do I’d wait could pick something up shame no yellow at next event expect pixie but gaurdians is after gazelle would be a no brainer :slight_smile:

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