Guinevere or Ranvir or Vivica

I have a guin who is going to hit 3:70 soon. Then I pulled ranvir, currently still at 1:1. I only have 1 set of mats ready for final ascension. Who shall I give it to? Give me your biased opinions

Ranvir if you don’t have Wu otherwise finish Guin.

They do totally different things. Do you want to focus on titans or defense. This is your choice.


Guin is a game changer if you are looking for a defense tank. I have her(with emblems) and love her- even though Athena is competing with her for my favorite! Lol! The only tank I encounter in diamond that’s more annoying is kunchen. Just pulled ranvir myself. He seems like a Titan slayer to me at this point. But I don’t like the chance for my team to miss on defense. He’s like wu Kong but he also hits. Again not sure that he’s good on defense because I don’t have him leveled. Hope this helps! Good luck and happy gaming:)


I just faced that choice myself - i picked guinevere - no question in my mind

I’m at this point in time where I need everything, a good titan slayer, a good raid/war specialist. While it’s nice to see a fully maxed guin displayed in my war team, part of me really want to max ran before guin. And it’s going to take even longer to level ran now since still 1:1. Tough choices to make

Yes, him and guin tanks are the worse and usually healer tanks are pushovers.

And I’m praying that joon doesn’t come into the picture anytime soon

Ranvir - titans

Guin - raids

I will put Ranvir in front of Guin due to the fact that titans help get mats.
Guin is nice to have and obviously one of the best tanks.
Only problem is that I don’t think you are at the advanced stage of having a deep bench of 5* to mess around the roster. Raid defenses are secondary unless you can’t hold your own in diamond/platinum.

For your first set of 5*, best to maximize offense.

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Yeah, you read my mind. I’m pretty c2p so I don expect a lot of five stars which means high diamond is out of my league. And my team is able to hold out at high platinum really well. (Proteus and Hansel ftw) that’s exactly why I wanted to work on ran first. All right I will bring the human horsie up to 3:70 first before I make the next decision


Ranvir has more usefulness than Guin. Guin is super good on defense but sorta useless everywhere else. Ranvir is one of very few yellow heroes with huge potential on offense.

In my honest opinion it has to be Guinevere- 100%

i really dont get, why everybody says guin is useless everywhere else…
ariel + guin + 3 strong colours against tank(all offencehitters) are my main attack team…
ok i dont have many 5* leveled now, but putting my 4* on each side of quin + her mana reduction and tankiness, makes her for my offence very viable …
btw. i raid in diamond, not on top, but can hold there for a few weeks now

i use her the same way in events… her HOT is absolutly amazing to keep 4* allive … and reduce mana
of the bosses…
the OP has proteus and hansel… bring a healer and a heavy sniper with them … and every event is doable i think…
just be carful with the mana reduction and mana block in combination with hansels ability :smiley:

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The real question is: Titan or defense ?
If you can keep up and stay in diamond area… Then your go to will be Ranvir. He will help you get big scores for 9*+ titans And get more mat. Against very strong titans, wilbur is not enough and can be 1/2 shooted because of his low health. In addition Ranvir is druid, can be useful in class quest

Having Guin is great, but i think she will be more useful if you want to be competitive. (Top 100, competitive alliances). You can wait before upgrading her.

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I would describe me at diamond tier as visiting the mall. I go there for half a day, do some window shopping, drink a starbucks before I go home. There’s really no difference even if I max out guin at this point. Ranvir it is then who is a lot viable to me at this current situation. And My poor Wu at tier 4 is just obsolete right now. Seriously Ran coming in now just complicates things

I chose Guin.

20 words of the Queen.

Remember when I mentioned I hope joon doesn’t come in to complicate my holy roster? Not joon, but vivica. Who gets my mats now?


Still go for Ranvir unless you manage to summon a Tarlak later.

I could recall you mentioned Joon earlier. + 1 on Ranvir too, I will choose Ranvir, raids offense, Titans, legendary events,… afterwards focus on Guin then Vivic.

Ranvir is my dream come true!! Y love his amazing talent. Ginevere only for defense, she is really boring and unidimentional…

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