Guin and GM placement?

I recently pulled Guin and GM but I’m lost on to fit them into my current defense team. My current defense is Wilber 3/60- Magni 4/53- Kunchen 4/80+4- Joon 4/80+1- Grimm 4/70+1. Any advise?

Magni/Kunch/Guin/Gravy/Joon for now

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Guin is a top-level tank once maxed and GM can be as well, but is also effective on the wings.

Same with Kunchen. He can run a 3 tank centre and not suffer. It’s a reasonable high diamond team.

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Thank you for the feedback. It makes more since to me now seeing it. My only question would be wouldn’t I want to switch Kunch and GM due to strong/weak colors or am I mistaken?

I would run that as GM - Magni - Guin - Kunch - Joon

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Probably correct. +20

GM, Magni, Guin, Kunchen, Joon. GM and Joon’s special skills don’t affect the rest of your team, so they should be on the edges (I would put whichever one has the lowest health next to Magni to take advantage of his Defense boost) I would always recommend putting my healer next to Guin to take advantage of her regenerate skill as well… Just one person’s opinion…

Thanks everyone I appreciate the feedback. I was fighting on who would be tank especially with so many with Anti-Guin lineups but I’m taking it that would be the way to go.

Putting magni in a corner wastes a third of his defense buff.


Guinevere would be strucked mostly by stacked harmful purple tiles and she would either fire or die before Magni’s defense would kick in… at least he would build a second wall on Kunchen :slight_smile:

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