Thoughts on Defense Positioning

Here is my current defense line up. I had setup up as Ranvir-Ariel-Marie-Frida-Kingston, but I don’t think it’s the most optimal. After the Priates event I will have enough emblems to take Marie to 8 maybe even 9 and 8 for Ranvir. I will also be able to increase Kingstons emblems to 9.

Any suggestions or tips? I currently only have Grazul at 4/80 but I think having 3/5 being heal oriented isn’t the best. I have enough Rings to ascend Marjana, JF, but was hoping to stick it out for a better red.

I think Marjana is cracking on defence, really sturdy and violent!

Do you have an alternative to Ranvir? I’m not convinced by him.

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I have Neith, and 470 ranger emblems, but is she who I should be ascending? I also have costume joon but he is at 1/1 and conflicts with Marie’s emblems

I was thinking about waiting for Malosi.

Here is all I’ve got. Maybe you might see a good combination.

I love Neith personally. She’s not great for defense but I’d prefer her to Ranvir. If you have spare darts, shes worthwhile. FWIW, Malosi is not going to he great for defense either. The AI will be unlikely to target the best options and his skill will be mostly wasted. Marjana and JF are both solid reds and worth ascending. Either could be serviceable in defense. Marjana with emblems is really good.

Telluria is an excellent tank and great all round hero… Ariel flanking would make her very difficult to shift.
Obviously this would take emblems from Frida, but I would do it personally.

Marjana and JF are both worthy defenders and neither would have competition for emblems amongst your 5’s.

Neith is useful and underrated… She doesn’t do any one thing the best amongst the yellows (others blind and mana cut better) but you don’t have those other hero’s so there’s certainly a use for her.

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