Help with Defense and Cleric Emblems

Hello, as the title states I would like some opinions on how I should setup my defense team and also what I should do with my cleric emblems because I have too many cleric heroes.

Here is my 5* lineup:
Ariel +8
Zimkitha +8
Sartana +7
Kage +6
Leonidas +6
Eklanen +4
Isarnia +3
Ranvir +2
Grazul 4-80
Mother North 4-35 (pushing to max currently)
Snow White 4-25 (pushing to max currently
Justice 3-70 (could max, have mats and no other 5* yellows and a TON of paladin emblems)
Atomos 3-70
Thoth-Amun 3-70 (ton of sorcerer emblems)
Horghall 3-70
Horghall 1-1

My current defense is: Kage - Zim - Ariel - Elk - Sartana
I usually stay around 2500 cups and only lose a ton if I make a push up to 2600+. With the addition of Mother North, I am thinking she would improve my defense but I am wondering if she would work well with Ariel or if that is too much healing and not enough fire power?

As for Clerics I also would like some opinions on if I should use resets or just use new emblems for MN. My current clerics are:
Ariel +8
Elk +4
Mother North 4-35 (planning on giving emblems)
Snow White 4-25 (not sure if she should get any emblems)
Rigard 4-70
Rigard 1-1
Boril 4-70
Hansel 4-23 (would maybe consider emblems for use in 4* tournaments and events)

It looks like you’re already pretty committed to Ariel, who is a great choice. MN shines on the left wing without any emblems, so I’d leave em the way you got em.

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Thanks for the reply Raghadorn! I agree, I will want to leave emblems on Ariel. My reset question was more around Elk. I have him at node 4, and he is my strongest green so I kind of want to leave emblems on him. I was wondering if MN is that much better that she should get as many nodes as she can. Sounds like you think MN is strong enough without emblems to be in a defense.

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Elk gains more from the talents, in my opinion. MN heals and rez’s the same with or without, and as a left wing, she’ll see less tile damage than Elk on flank.

Are there any recommendations for setting up a defense based on the 5* heroes I have?

Your current defense is good. You have several heroes that are great in multiple spots, so you can switch your order and lineup around I quite a bit without losing cups. One with MN might be:

Mother North, Kage, Ariel, Zimkitha, Leonidas although if you’re not fixed on rainbow, I’d put Sartana in for Leo and just have double purps.

I appreciate your input. I am not stuck on a rainbow team, so Sartana for Leo might be a good idea. I can play around with those two a little bit and see if one works better than the other.

If I use what you suggested, do you think swapping Zim and Kage would be better though? Having Zim’s special first could help Kage, and is it better to have G-R-B-P-Y? or does it not matter as much?

IMHO, Kage sucks on the wing - he needs to be on the flank, my def holds much better with him flanking.
And it makes perfect sense when you think it through - he needs to fire at targets with over 50% HP or he’s a rubbish sniper… On the wing, he’s firing later when attackers are either already hurt or the fight is already beyond saving.

Zim works wing or flank… If nothing else, swap these two around!

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Wow, great feedback. I am not sure why that didnt click before, but it makes total sense.

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