What would be thé Best choice in your opinion?

Hi everyone! Considering my heroes and emblems, what would be your choice in defense?

I really want to try frosth at flank. Thanks for your help!
I can have only 1 paladin because of emblems, and i have also alfrike with magician emblems. That means i have to chose between taking emblems from odin or alfrike

LOL…that’s a mistake. Don’t remove them from either!

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Any reason for wanting to flank Frosth? He’s not a healer, and he’s a crappier version of Freya. To me he screams “please dump your unwanted tiles at me kthx” IMHO and if I saw him on defense that’s exactly what I’d do.


Once he is fully leveled I would test him out first without the emblems for a few days and see how it goes. I think he needs the right synergy to be successful.

Fought him on flank earlier.

Crappy board, so I was glad they had a worthless hero in defense to let me turn the board around.

Frosth is a weak option without another minion summoner. What other options do you have in blue?

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Have many options in blue and enough red emblems to take some from 1 hero and give them back later. Just wanted to try frosth. Hoped i would get freya as she was featured, or bera, but not this time. I’ll try on next valhalla and keep frosth by the side until i get one of them. I really think he can be very good with bera. Not sure for freya, as i don’t know if their minions boost stack together

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