Which defense would be the Best?

Hi everyone! Thes would be the 3 choices i have for my defense, considering that i can have only 1 paladin and 1 magician. For the moment, paladin emblems are for odin and magicians for alfrike. I really want to try frosth in my defense:

What would you chose? Thanks for your help!

Out of those it’s number 2 for me. You don’t have any other blue options? Frosth isn’t the greatest on defense IMO.

Agreed number 2 would be good but need different blue

Actually i do, but as i said, i want to try him. Still hope i finally get bera wich would fit so well with frosth. I’d like freya too but i don’t know if her minions boost stacks with frosth’s one. Do you know if it does?
Another option would be this:

For the moment, my defense is this one, and it works well (about 60% victories), but i just want to try something else

I would do Number 2 but on the right wing i would use Clarissa instead of Sartana.

I would too actually, but emblems are a problem. Can’t afford 2 paladins

Why? You already have Clarissa at +16.

Yes, but 0 emblem left… i never put a hero under 19 in defense…

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