Ok...do i emblem 2nd frigg or wait for frosthe

As the title suggests. I emblemed sif for double formation i like her but overall not pleased i would rather emblem someone else that high. I got frigg no.2 but frosthe comes out next month. So for those that have used him in beta what would u suggest?

Duckman, what does the rest of your roster look like? Answer would depend on that in part. Though Frosth basically looks like a lesser Freya. Good, not great. Frigg is a top 10 hero in all of Empires and Puzzles.


Pretty deep roster. It was a no Brainer for frigg but wanted to make sure before i jumped the gun.

In my honest opinion I would go with Frigg #2
Whichever hero you choose good luck


Is a case does frosty does fit into a team somewhere for you…
I wasn’t over impressed in beta, in map mode with a healer and other minion hero’s was alot of fun, in a war or a raid a bit pointless, but does depend on how you play.
If you have glenda get extra minons with her bonus, plus his mana bonus could be handy, with miki aswell (dunno If they stack).

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Lol nahhh doesnt seem like id be overly excited.

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I think you’ve answered your own question! But I would lean the same way. Frosth could be good with other minion heroes but, Frigg…

You could also do what I’m doing, which is saving EHTs for Springvale for Killhare, Lepus, and/or Sir Roostly.

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No costumes released…means im free from pulling lol. I have everyone unless of course i havent already got frosthe then yeah sure ill pull.


I say you wait. It’ll only take approximately 2 weeks for you to be able to have a chance getting Frosthe and max him. Unquestionably, Frigg is one of the best playable characters out there both for offense and defense, but only you can answer where 2nd Frigg or Frosthe will fit in any of your attacking team/s.

P.S. I already find your regular raid defense to be tough whenever I encounter you during raids.

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