What will my blue titan team be? (Ariel and Miki on 3 70)

I am now playing:

  • Isarnia
  • Arthur
  • Alasie
  • Aegir
  • Miki (3 70)

I have Magni full maxed.

I’d like to know what is my best titan team to be.
Is my current team good? Should i replace Aegir for Magni?
I’ve got 4 telescopes now. When i have 6 i have to wait another half year. I’d like your opinion. :slight_smile:

Our current titan is 11* . We’re getting new strong members so 12 could be possible within a month. Ariel is astonishing and my only blue healer. Aegir gives SOME health.

Replace Aegir with Magni. I’d also put Kiril in if you get him


Optimal, based on this chart:

Titan +Att -Def -Def (Element) +Att Stack Rest Strong color
Red Kiril Athena/Grimm/Isarnia/Ulmer/Valen Frida/Atrhur Miki/Ranvir/Wu/Tarlak Blue Heroes
Blue Gaderius*/Brienne Buddy Evelyn Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir/Wu Green Heroes
Green Boldtusk/Zimkitha/Ares*/Lancelot* Wilbur/Gormek/Santa Falcon Tarlak/Ranvir/Wu/Miki Red Heroes
Yellow Khionna* Cashire Cat/Tiburtus/Kunchen/Gill-Ra Panther Tarlak/Miki/Ranvir/Wu Purple Heroes
Purple - - Jackal Ranvir/Wu/Tarlak/Miki Yellow Heroes
  1. Kiril or bear banner for +att boost.
  2. Grimm is avarage and Isarnia is slow, but Isarnia att stat 797 (no.1) and Grimm is 716, so if you have good mana troop and or use mana pots or Tornado, best use Isarnia.
  3. You have Arthur must have slot.
  4. Miki best stack for blue of course

The rest priority is best tile damage and some survive support for Titan *11 and up.
Kiril - Isarnia - Arthur - Miki - … (last only one slot: Ariel/Aegir/Magni/Alasie)

Aegir attack stat only 615, and Kiril is 656, and has bonus att buff (this is important slot).
Ariel attack stat 731 and Magni is 793 (but magni only +def nearbly and already used the better slot one Kiril).
Ariel mana generation has more usefull here.

So, based on theory, the 5th slot should be Ariel, I will place like this from left to right:
Kiril - Isarnia - Arthur - Ariel - Miki

But you can also try which is more has advantage and survive with this:
Kiril - Isarnia - Arthur - Magni/Alasie - Miki
here, Magni/Alasie skill should hit very hard, well but the most value is from tile damage though.


Was sleeping on Gadeirus this whole time! Thanks for this Jin!

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Can’t sleep on Aegir’s role in keeping your team alive vs high level titans. His combo of health link plus healing is very powerful.

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1st, I describe based on theory focus on optimal damage, then next if teams is not well survive we can replace with support, etc.

Okay, and I think Aegir is just like Wilbur role right?

All character role/slot chart is only based on theory.
In practice, in my alliance currently at *7 titan, I always bring like this:
Wilbur + 3 strong color + Wu/Miki

But for blue teams I bring:
Kiril + Grimm + 2 strong color + Wu/Miki
I don’t have Aegir.


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