Miki Or Magni Max?

As the title suggestions I am at a bit of a crossroads, especially as Scopes seem to avoid me like the plague.
Both are at 3.70 and already have a maxed Ranvir for titans however, Ranvir’s missed shots annoy the heck out of me and that miss to stun can be the reason the titan fires and effectively smashes down titan scores.

IMO pro’s of Magni max - Excellent for raid, war depth and do not have a dedicated 5* fighter (Boldtusk is 20tier with 129 spare emblems just chillin)
Pro’s of Miki - More consistent titan hits which is more important to me. Cons- Would not get much more use other then some war depth and would not get emblems due to GM being greedy :slight_smile:

Would love any opinions especially that of who have a maxed Miki. We fight 9-10* titans so at 3.70 Miki just aint surviving long enough.

(PS. Maxed blues I have are Aegir (9) Ariel (8) and Isarnia)

What color titans are you using Miki against? If just red titans I’m assuming Ariel and Aegir are on that team and he’s still not surviving? I’m interested to hear what others have to say as well bc I’m leaning towards Miki over Frida and Magni myself. I’m finding Miki useful in raids and wars when color stacking even with the slow mana. It might be bc I also have Ariel maxed and if I get a good to average board she can keep Miki alive long enough to fire.

Mikki 3/70 with turtle banners and axes/bombs should resist for now …


He does unless he gets really unlucky and RNG target him a bit. I guess I am weighing up the benefit of a 4/80 Miki over 3/70.

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Depends really on the titans buffs etc, but generally bringing Kiril, Isarnia, Frida Aegir and Miki so far. Ariel has subbed in when harpoons have been available allowing me to bench Isarnia.

What do you think about a maxed Ranvir vs a maxed Miki against a blue neutral titan? Who would you lean towards using ?

My vote would be for Miki. He’s awesome even on green titan when he’s paired with the right red hero’s. Mine is at 4.50 and my average titan hits are 40-50k. Just did a personal best of 90k on a blue titan yesterday.

I use mikki on red, purple(i dont have ranvir), yellow titans and (green special titan) and tarlak on green and blue titans…
I would only ise ranvir against purple titans and if you dont have tarlak mikki on the other tiyans (except rare blue titan)

Om its 4 am sorry for my english and typing errors…

I have Ranvir +5 and he got me my personal best score of 123k and I’ve gone over 100k 3/4 times since maxing him. I have Miki at 3/70 and my best score so far is 90k but several above 70k. I’m finding Miki much more consistent than Ranvir bc of the misses and my 3/70 Tarlak. I think bc the 130% buff vs 100% and 5 vs 4 turns is huge. One difference could be my alliance fights 6 and 7 star titans currently.

Would you mind telling me your lineup with Miki on the titans you use him for?

I use MIKI on all titans except the rare one that reflects blue. I use 4/1 on all titans.

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