For the love of... need a solution to duplicate heroes!

After the outrage that was expressed when HA didn’t address this topic as ‘promised’ and the vague suggestion by SG that they might, someday, maybe roll something out for this… the topic seems to have died. I want to revive it so that maybe, just maybe, it prompts some action.

Please SG, offer a solution! I’ve already started feeding of duplicate 5* vanilla heroes. It hurts my heart every time. I can’t bring myself to feed off duplicate HOTM, or 5* event/S2/S3 heroes. But I’m also not willing to keep spending money for more slots.

I’m currently at 289/296. I have 104 duplicate 5* that will never get used. But they’re “paid for” and I hate the idea of just dumping them for food. Give us something SG!



Thank you for reviving this subject. Was …um, unhappy when HA 10 was released.


To be honest, I was going to start a thread about this some time ago as well…

It soon will be half a year from the “acknowledgment of issue” that we believed HA will address but it didn’t. I didn’t join the hatetrain at v30 as I kinda liked the AL and HA as they were, but that was at the promise that the dupes are indeed going to be addressed sooner rather than later.

We keep getting new ways to get the dupes, but not really the way to deal with the ones we had.

That especially applies to non-S1 dupes. I am kinda OK with how HA allows to deal with the surplus of S1 legends by allowing to eventually change them into rarer hero. I get that real value of those legendaries is much lower than others, so exchanging Khagan into guaranted Gravemaker is never going to happen. I don’t like that if I put in my second useless Ranvir that hopped out of portal instead of someone I find more useful, he eventually becomes a 5th Khagan or 7th Quintus.

And if I am ever at a spot where I have like all but one heroes from let’s say Avalon events, am I really assumed to keep throwing money at the portal to get through the wall of Arthurs, Guins, Morgans duplicates chasing that Black Knight? Because that’s so not going to happen ever lol no matter how I like and want the hero. I was at that point when I wanted Panther and had to swallow 3 Owls and 2 Kongs before her, and that was at times when there were only 3 5 star heroes in that portal, and Kong with Owl were so bad.

And I mean… while ideally we would want to take all those heroes we don’t want and turn them into a hero we want, if we can at least melt the dupes into like 200 emblems, or extra 20 pulls for the portal they jumped out of, or epic ascension mat etc… I would really be fine with it. Anything but having to cope with that dire pinch in your heart when you went in over the budget again doing another 30x pull and out of 4 featured heroes you only get the 3rd copy of the one you already own, and you know you are not going to use them ever but it was just too expensive to use them as a feeder. So they just stay there in your roster forever, only making it difficult to scroll through it.


I think the easiest solution would be: If a non-S1 hero is fed to HA10, the outcome should as well be a guaranteed non-S1 hero.

Other solution (as a competitor game already does it): You can exchange your heroes and get an amount of a certain currency. The higher the rarity, the more you get. In a shop you will have daily changing offers for heroes or also materials you could buy with that currency. Of course you would need to exchange a lot of heroes to gather enough of that currency, but at least you get the hero you want… In that game I was talking about, there are also special offers with discounts on some heroes and you have a free refresh per day, and can refresh the offers more often if you pay gems…


How about adding new level(s) to HA which gives you random s2 hero in exhange of lets say… 5 other 5* heroes? 10 heroes for random event hero? 15 heroes for random S3 hero?


Those are terrible conversion rates.

My suggestion, allow players to create a wishlist of heroes and the random hero will be one of those. The wishlist can be restricted to any combination of allowed heroes, whether S1, S2, S3, Challenge Event, Seasonal Event, ToL, costume, hotm, NT … either, some, all, whichever!


The ‘clone’ of E&P allows you to recycle 4 and 5* for an inconsequential amount of emblems. 12 for a 4* and 30 for a 5* in the class that hero is (i.e. you don’t get to choose). I understand that it can be abused (everything can) but the amount feels pretty inconsequential in the new meta.


Biggest issue for me is that we can only build one Hero Academy. The odds + the time spent retraining (1 week, which is outrageously long and requests in beta to shorten it were not implemented) means that you can expect 2 non-S1 5* per year, give or take.

I really wish they would have implemented the easy fixes given in beta, such as allowing us to do more than 1 retraining in the same level, or at least shorten the time per retraining. This wouldn’t have solved the issue with non-S1 dupes, but at least it would’ve been more realistic to get something useful quickly and see more value in the building.



I salute you for reviving this long time issue. Small Giants did promise previously promise to have dupe legendaries resolved by Hero Academy, but later on prior to be implemented in the live game, retracted it. I have already sacrificed more than half a dozen times in HA10, yet found the results always wanting. Yeah, it gave me my first Horghall and first and second Obakan at the expense of the 4th or 5th copies of Khagans and Domitias, but the rest of my retrained heroes resulted to those same heroes i have fed previously that it seems like a cycle of feeding Domitia to HA10 only nets me a dupe Khagan, and feeding Khagan to HA10 will net me another dupe Kadilen, and feeding dupe Kadilen will get me dupe Azlar, and feeding Azlar will result to Domitia, the same hero I previously retrained at HA10. And the cycle continues. I haven’t posted screenshot of my 2 latest depressing retraining result and I barely visited that thread again just to see fellow forum users get dupe copies of S1 heroes over and over and over again. Those who posted getting heroes other than the vanilla ones only are the lucky few. But how often does it happen? What’s adding insult to injury is the high and disgusting cost of retraining, i.e. 1228k food, 300 recruits and the 7-day duration of retraining. I mean, come on, Small Giants. Can you at least reduce the food, recruit and duration of such retraining by more than half of its current cost, as well as increase the odds of getting non-classic heroes from 5% to at least 75%?

This should be implemented in the next update. SG should stop dilly-dallying for them to have their loyal players keep on playing, and maybe start spending again.

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At first, to relieve his feeling, the Hero Academy was created. For now it is the closest to getting what you want.
But I hope that some news is already being made on the subject.

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I really don’t understand why in Valhalla or event portals there are 5* heroes of the season 1, when I make a summon in Valhalla and events I expect 5* heroes from there,not another hornghall for example… it’s ok to pull 4* and 3* heroes season 1 but with the 5* season 1 heroes I feel cheated…dear Valhalla portal if you don’t want to give me 5* Valhalla hero DON’T give none 5* hero.


Hero academy needs a buff of some sort. Either make it faster to retrain heroes for more food/recruits or being able to retrain more than one hero.


My English are a little bit rusty, hahahaha

At this point I’d take ANY solution! This is THE most frustrating aspect of the game. It’s created a horrible UX.


I have spent way too much money in October. I usually am very cheap to play but blew my budget this month and I have learned my lesson (way too late) on why i can’t spend a lot.

  • 6 pulls in challenge event - not a single challenge event hero and only one 4* hero

  • 17 pulls in ninjas - only got one 4* ninja

  • 12 pulls in Valhalla - nothing, which one was a 10-pull that resulted in all 3* heroes

  • 8 pulls in Halloween - Horghall (my 3rd) and no Halloween heroes.

I’m so sick of the terrible odds, I’m sick of the duplicates, I’m sick of no pitty counter, I’m sick of dedicating so much time in this game for so little return. I turned off my Apple Pay after the 3* filled 10-pull but turned it back on. After my Halloween pulls, I have deleted my card entirely on my phone so i don’t turn it on again.

I’m at my very wits end with the management of this game and the only thing keeping me playing is the friends in my alliance. I am so, so, so close to quitting


I started a thread in the “Active Players Lounge” 5 months ago on this subject to try and engage SG on popular ideas that could be implemented. There’s been no official response. I bump it once in a while to revive it.

I would not get your hopes up on an official response here.


My Hero Academy is nearly ready for HA10 and I’m looking forward to it.

Yes there is only a 5%ish chance of a non s1 but for a “free” chance it’s good compared to event pulls for example. The downside? The resources and time required of course.

I feel it is a part solution -it offers something useful for extra 5*s unused without being so good and quick to run that everyone at higher levels will end up with all the event hero’s.

The part that it didn’t yet provide a solution for is that a lot of people in the position to use it have a LOT of unused 5*s, way too many to keep and put through HA10 one by one as this would take years… so I am in favour of something else to put those ones that will never be used to use.

That could be recycle for emblems, or even just making them far more useful as feeders -right now they only provide limited xp compared to their rarity and so it feels such a waste to feed them. If they were much higher value that could make them more valuable in the same way as recycling for emblems would be. Just initial ideas but I think there is a lot of scope for something extra to fill this part in addition to the current hero academy


Folks in beta gave feedback toward making HA10 a possible solution, but as SG explicitly mentioned, HA20 is not intended to be the solution.

SG has been busy Goblin Ballooning, Ninja Towering, rare-heroing, adjusting war matchmaking, mythic titaning, and event modifying, so perhaps with their small team they haven’t given this any thought yet.

Which is concerning given duplicates were a problem when HA was first teased years ago. It’s their business, so c’est la vie.


If you were OP with 104 5* dupes would you change 15 of them to get a random S3 hero? I would.
And from my point of view, I’ve played since 01/2019 and currently have 9 S1 Horghalls or similar, I’d be happy to change 5 of them to random S2 hero.

I would like to see a separate solution for getting the certain hero(es) you’ve always wanted as some kind of loyalty reward.


For me, HA10 doesn’t do it. Yeah, there’s a chance of me pulling someone I don’t have but with 104 duplicates, it’s not going to address my overcrowding.

Right now my choices are:

  1. buy more space
  2. suck it up and feed off the dupes (risking a full on rage quit if they ever do release a meaningful solution)
  3. Stop spending on new heroes

I don’t have any clear gaps in my roster at this point so option 3 seems like the best solution at the moment… but pulling for new heroes and discovering what they do is part of the fun imo. No matter how I look at it, this creates a scenario that reduces my satisfaction with the game. :woman_shrugging:t3:


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