Are 5* duplicates worth keeping?

Question is in the title. Thanks in advance!


You never know when you might want them…

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In my honest opinion, Yes - 100% yes

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At least until we know, if the academy will do better than the lab.

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This at a minimum, other reasons would be having duplicates in the future if/when you have the mats, if they allow alliances trades, the devs decide to buff the hero and make it amazing, etc.

They are truly rare and I would hate to feed one and then find out there was a better use later on


As with anything in the game, depends how much you spend.

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Yes, not only because with how rare they do drop, but war bench depth as well for alliance wars.

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i got my 3rd Elena today from tc20 and while i’m thrilled to be so lucky with a 5* pull, i just don’t see myself needing more than one.
currently I’m sitting on 11 duplicate 5* heroes.

What are you doing with your duplicate 5*'s?

In my honest opinion, some 5 star heroes like Magni and Lianna are worth keeping duplicates of. Particularly if you have their costumes
Others like Thorne and Richard and Elena and Horghall etc I would keep to use in the Hero Academy and hope for something better.
Good luck.

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Using them in early TOL rounds… Just for fun (I don’t need to use unleveled heroes)


To use them in HA10.
To form good teams for ToL or Wars.

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Save them for lower levels of Tavern. They work a treat. And then the Hero Academy


Absolutely YES,

let me explain what I do with S1 duplicates. I keep them for Hero Academy of course, also even if I do not want a copy of like Leonidas or Vivica, i keep one copy at 3/70 in case of costume pulls, if i got that costume and like it, asceding it will be easier that way.



I keep some. Vela, Kage, Alby.

I eat some. Elena, Raffaele, Miki.

I mean, I might. Though, since they changed it to where you get hero+costume (instead of a costume that will never be used for months), the duplicates could just be for maxing out special skills if I, somehow, don’t get it to 8/8 or I get lucky, managed to get to Hero Academy 10 and use the “reroll legendary heroes” option… even if it just gets me another duplicate of a hero I already have.

I think a lot of people will keep any of the five fast snipers (Lianna, Magni, Sartana, Marjana, Joon).

I’m definitely keeping mine until I have at least 30-50 5*s, then maybe I’ll consider feeding dupes.

I’m not as lucky as some of you guys, so I kinda need every legendary I can get, even the “bad” ones. :grin:

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I’d say it depends on where you are in the game, what your current roster is, and what kind of spender you are. I don’t remember who said it, but they were right. The best heroes are the ones you have. The other one I saw somewhere was, roster space is cheaper than 5* heroes. If you’re looking to feed away to make space, it’s cheaper to just expand your roster.

If you’re F2P/C2P, I’d be VERY cautious about feeding any away, as you’ll never know when you might come across one.

If you’re P2P or later in the game, and your roster is flushed out some, you could start to consider it.

To follow onto @Lloyd6770point, I would hold onto the extra heros as well. Developers are always nerfing past heros. Thus, you will never know when a “not so popular” hero gets nerfed into a decent hero. Check the latest beta thread. Several heros that have been sitting on my bench doing nothing might get nerfed to be worth using!

:test_tube: Early Information on Additional Telluria & Vela Balance Updates [Part of The Beta Beat v31]

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