What to do about my tank?

I’m currently raiding in high platinum (2100-2200 cups) with this defense team:

  • Sabina + 11
  • Gormek + 11
  • Poseidon 4^80
  • Sonya + 7
  • Melendor +8

So I had this plan about my tank. I don’t have any really great tanky heroes. For a while, I used my Beefy Gormek. Next, I tried an Danzaburo + 11. Right now, as you can see, I’m going with Poseidon 4^80, because he has the highest defense of anyone on my roster, but that’s a short term solution. I’d really like to move him to a flank, where I think he will be more effective. My plan was to max and emblem Boril, who I have read can function as a tank into low diamond, which is my goal. But I have been leveling Boril and Rigard at the same time, and although I knew he would be good, I’ve discovered just how good Rigard is. If I don’t emblem Boril, he won’t be able to hold as tank at that level. But if I don’t emblem Rigard, he probably can’t displace my Sabina +11 on my main team.

My next blue project is Thorne (started today), who I’m pretty sure I will max. (F2P; can’t be choosy, and I’ve got the mats in-hand.) He looks like a pretty good tank candidate, especially if I pull my paladin emblems from Sonya. I suspect, though, if I draw Kiril before finishing Thorne, I’d put Thorne on hold and max Kiril. I’m hurting for wizards, and Kiril is a great hero anyway. So maxing Thorne could be a ways out.

I do have four reset tokens. One will be used to reset Valen +20 so fighter emblems can go to Poseidon. I need a few more fighters leveled before I do that. Another is for Hawkmoon +20, who currently has my cleric emblems, to give to Boril or Rigard. A third is for Bane +20, who has my monk emblems, but those will eventually go to Li Xiu, Wu Kong, perhaps Leonidas, or ideally, Wilbur, if I could draw him. The last one will go to reset either Danza (for Domitia, who currently sits at 1^20 and is waiting for Rigard and probably Gill-Ra to get maxed) or Sonya for Thorne.

Which option do you think is best?

  • Roll with Poseidon at tank, max and emblem Rigard, use Boril for depth, wait for Thorne as new tank, even if it takes a long time
  • Emblem Boril and move him to tank immediately, Rigard goes to bench depth, Poseidon goes to flank, level Thorne at my leisure

Rigard and Boril are both two of the better 4* tanks IMO. Rigard is a bit more versatile though as I use him on offense and titans.

I’d go with option 1. The cleric emblems will be best on Rigard.


I hadn’t really considered Rigard at tank. Do you think that’s viable for low diamond? Having a yellow flank like Poseidon certainly works in that scenario. Something like: Melendor, Gormek, Rigard, Poseidon, Sonya?

I use Rigard +9 as tank in the 2k cup range.
I changed everything on my defense like 20 times in the last month because i always woke up with -300 cups and a winless streak.
Tried Sonya +9. Previously had unemblemed Kashkrek.
Currently using Melendor +8, Sonya +9, Rigard +9, Grimm +12, Jackal +7.
I see 2-3 wins per night, so it’s good right? :rofl:
I don’t know about Boril’s efficiency in diamond, but Rigard can hold the fort on mid-high platinum until your other options are ready. And Poseidon might serve a greater purpose in your defense than my Jackal.


That sounds somewhat comparable to what I would be trotting out. I’ll be short of Rigard + 9, because I haven’t historically done well in cleric class trials. Until I pulled Rigard and Boril within a week of each other, Hawkmoon was actually my best cleric (sad!). I expect to do better going forward. Still, I think I’ll kick the tires on this approach soon. Rigard is currently 4^50-something, so not too long to wait, and like you, I can see myself using him a lot of different places.

Yeah I don’t love Melendor on defense unless you’ve patched up his DEF and HP with a boatload of emblems. He’s too squishy.

Do you have any other fast sniper options?

I’d go something like Poseidon-Gormek-Rigard-Danzaburo-Sonya based on the heroes you’ve mentioned but perhaps you have others better choices.

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My Melendor is +8, along the HP/def path. Running two healers in nearly all situations is typically my preference, but I could be persuaded to change.

Caedmon and Kelile would be the best ones. Neither has emblems.

Based on your comments, I’m guessing you would prefer to switch in Caedmon for Melendor.


2 healers is better in alliance wars than raid defense because the arrows, attack up and field Aid all synergize with healers. Plus there’s usually a mix of teams attacking you and healers punish lower TP teams huge in alliance wars.

For raid defense I think 1 healer is fine, 2 can be okay.

Based on what you said I would go with

Sonya-Gormek/Danzaburo-Rigard-Poseidon-Caedmon for raid defense. In alliance wars I’d definitely run 2 healers (until you get to an end game alliance where everybody has 6 great teams)

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If I wanted to test the effectiveness of this setup, how significant do you think it is that Melendor has emblems and Caedmon doesn’t? In other words, if your suggested lineup doesn’t look as effective in practice, how likely is it that this is because Caedmon doesn’t have emblems while Melendor does? Would you reset Melendor to emblem Caedmon?

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I raided high platinum for along time with Boril tank.

Had Quintus available for quite some time but didnt like him has tank so didnt push him. Then Isarnia showed up ( Halleluhja ) and shortly thereafter Marjana.

With Isarnia tank and Quintus right flank and Marjana right wing I established myself without problem in lower diamond.

I dont think that a 4* tank will hold you in diamomd without good 5* flanks.

I dont see Rigard as tank for diamond so right now your best option seems to be poseidon tank and leveling up Domitia and thorne as fast as possible.

Maybe you could frame Domitia with two yellows especially since you already have Poseidon.

Hope you saved up some EHT’s for the summer Event. Maybe you can hit the jack pot there. :smile:

Yunan or Rana would solve your tank problem.

Wish you best of luck and hope you get one of them!

Another FTP waiting for something usefull to show up at her fortressgate and making do with what is available for now. :smile:

I would like to point out that Sabina and Melendor are very similar type healers, they both heal and debuffs the enemy. So in this Rigard (no pun intended)… Rigard is a better choice over Sabina as he is more tanky and most importantly a cleanser. So that will give both a debuffer and cleanser in your team even without the emblems, which can go to Boril. He is quite tanky and also sometimes his riposte can be useful in offense against hard hitting bosses.


I have been concerned about this. I may just not have the heroes to get into diamond yet.

I have definitely been considering that for a while. Most people discouraged it, saying Domitia wasn’t a good tank, which may be true, since I haven’t gotten to use her much yet. But I could put Poseidon on one flank and Danza +11 or Onatel 3^70 on the other. Also have Leonidas, who I am currently leveling, so I could go Leonidas - Domitia - Poseidon also. Problem is, I just used all my darts on Poseidon, so maxing another yellow five star will not happen for a while.

No doubt. Yunan more than Rana since I have 5 tonics and no darts. I have been saving EHTs, but only have 7. I also have 700+ gems, so I could do a couple of gem summons as well, but I don’t know if I will use them there, Atlantis, or save them for a ten-pull during the next Guardians (to try and pull Jackal and/or Falcon).

Always like getting the perspective of a fellow F2P. Help can be as little as a few hours away (from my TC20). Hope springs eternal!

Yeah, I definitely wanted to get Rigard in with Melendor so I’d have both cleanse and debuff. Was thinking Sabina would be superior as long as she had emblems, especially since I went def/HP with her, but my 4^55 Rigard has comparable def and HP to my Sabina +11! Sabina hits way harder, but we all know nobody uses Sabina for her attack (except maybe against Titans). Thanks for making me check this out. Something to think about.

Honestly, it will be a while before I need to reset Bane - all my four- and five-star monks are still on first ascension - so maybe I should try the Boril route with my cleric emblems and count on being able to pull another reset token if it doesn’t work out. Rigard could have really kept me out of this conundrum by showing up before Sabina. Ugh.

The real loser here is Hawkmoon, who is gonna lose her emblems no matter what! :laughing:


I think you can try Caedmon with no emblems. He’s not a long term fixture there.

The emblems are better on Melendor IMO. I use Melendor all the time on offense and titans. Caedmon comes if I need a 3rd green. But I moved my Druid emblems off Caedmon and onto Melendor when I finally levelled him.

Rigard can certainly keep you around Diamond. I raid into diamond (top 50 in the world is my highest so far) and my Boldtusk +14 kept me close to diamond or barely in it. Just recently moved Frida there but there hasn’t been a huge diff. Rigard is as good of a tank as BT IMO.

If you decide to emblem Boril instead of Rigard, consider giving +1 to Rigard.
This chance to nullify mana block is really interesting for a cleanser/healer and can change the pace of a raid big time!


Yes, this is a great point. @Noble_Weasel In fact, depending on how many cleric emblems you have you can even take Rigard to +4 (90 emblems) and then give the rest to Boril. But even +1 on Rigard also works.

That mana shield is very useful to resist heroes like Hel and Proteus

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I think I agree with that. You are right about his squishiness without emblems.

And I guess I should clarify that I’m fine going in and out of diamond, just like I did platinum, when I got there. I just want to be able to open raid chests in diamond. Right now, I’m still out of striking distance.

Boldtusk is taunting me with his awesomeness and his not-being-on-my-roster-iness. I can think of so many uses for him. I’d give him my fighter emblems before Poseidon, I think. Emblemed BT is pretty dang close to a five-star.

While this might be slightly less of an issue for me because of Poseidon’s secondary that prevents mana cuts/blocks, I still think that’s worth a consideration. Thanks.

Once I reset Hawkmoon, I should have just over 250, which is certainly enough to make splitting them a feasible decision. This might not be a bad idea anyway, since both will help with cleric quests (to get more emblems!)


Congrats again on your recent accomplishment (maxed Poseidon)
Wish I could help you with BT as I have 6. 1 maxed +10 & 5 more 1:1.
But you have Boril and I don’t.
I think that I agree with the idea of splitting the emblems between Rigard & Boril.
And as are you I’m hoping for good luck in the Summer event need a 5* tank also.

@Noble_Weasel, don’t sweat not having BT drop yet. I believe we started playing around the same time and he avoided me for a very long time…until Wonderland when I received, not 1, not 2…but 3!!!
Not a single WL hero but I was happy nonetheless.

Now if only Wilbur and Proteus would play nice…

Thanks. Trying to hang in there. Just need a non-Kelile four- or five-star red. Think I’m up to eleven red trainers now waiting on one. BT would be my preference, obviously. Pulled Belith and Kailani from my TC20s today. :cry:

Wilbur would also fill the bill. :slight_smile: Need both of these guys, too. Gonna get five or six pulls this month, but with Atlantis done, those may be my last Atlantis summons for a while.

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