Replace my tank now or later?

My current raid defense is:

LW: Sabina +9
LF: Sonya +7
T: Danzaburo +9
RF: Gormek +9
RW: Melendor +7

This is holding me around 2000 to 2200 cups. I’m currently leveling Boril for my defense team and Poseidon for dang near everything. My plan is to switch them both in at the same time, moving Boril to tank, Gormek to left flank, and Poseidon to right flank or one of the wings (with Sabina coming to a flank, in that case). But Boril is only at about 4^8, while Poseidon is now up to 4^48, and his defensive stats are approaching Danzaburo’s, to wit:

  • Danza - 637 / 673 / 1332
  • Poseidon - 699 / 674 / 1265

Danza still has more HP and the evade talent, but Poseidon is fast mana with a brutal special, and he doesn’t risk the dreaded snowflake. I also suspect that some raiders are underestimating my defense with Danza at tank, where if they see Poseidon, they might be more likely to stack against him. What do you all think? Should I switch Poseidon in at tank now, then move him when Boril is ready?

I love the Danza tank idea, especially with his Evade talent. I definitely think people underestimate him and may not even stack against him but if two of his specials go off it can get really awkward for the attacker. Poseidon seems strong enough to throw in the mix - what about Gormek as tank flanked by Danza and Poseidon? Keep one healer (maybe Melendor to counter blue stacks against Gormek) on the wing and then maybe Sonya on the other wing? Or Poseidon-Sonya-Danza-Gormek-Melendor.

I might try this, but flipped so that the firing order is better. Sounds like you are all for keeping Danza at tank for now. If others feel the same, I might just roll with what I have until I can switch in Boril and Poseidon together. I’m not ready to push into diamond yet, anyway, and what I have seems to be working OK.

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If you swap in Boril and Poseidon (actually, whether or not you do), I’d encourage you to keep the dispel / healers out of the flank spots. As you raid higher and higher, I feel like healing flanks become a greater and greater liability unless they are pretty special (read: basically a five star with compelling secondary effects like Ares, Kunchen, Ariel, Mother North, etc.). Which would mean I’m suggesting: Melendor, Gormek, Boril, Poseidon, Sabina.

That said, I’d like to ask what the goal is here: you’re solidly in Platinum and say you’re not ready to push into Diamond. If that’s the case, there’s no real benefit to having a stronger defense. In fact, the opposite is true, since you’ll get better matchups by hanging out in the lower part of the arena. Seems like you’re already solid and on the right path.

This is most likely what I will end up doing.

Well, I would like to push into diamond, but I don’t think I have the heroes for it… yet. The consensus seems to be that you need multiple five-stars, or at least some select, heavily-emblemed four-stars, to hang in low diamond. Before last week’s Shiloh quest, I was torn between ascending Poseidon and Onatel. I have read that Onatel is an excellent tank, and obviously, Poseidon is a butt-kicking sniper. It came down to which role I could fill best with another hero. Next best tank on my roster was Boril. Next best sniper was… maybe Kelile? So Poseidon it is. I’m trying to get all the necessary pieces in place; Boril and Poseidon are just steps in the process, and I want to see if I make any meaningful gains with that lineup. Maybe I move into the 2100-2300 cups range solidly.

With my tank and a good sniper set, I will try to build around them. When I’m done with Rigard, my next purple project is Domitia (with a possible detour for Gill-Ra, who I just got last month). When I’m done with Boril, my next blue project is Thorne, assuming no Kiril or a better 5-star blue comes along. I need Thorne for paladin quests anyway, so he’s going to at least 2^60, but I have the stuff to take him all the way if I lack better options by then. Excepting Leonidas, who will be waiting forever for darts, that’s it for my 5-stars. Will that be enough to get into low diamond? We’ll see. I should be making 5-7 Atlantis pulls this month, and I’m expecting to do about the same number of EHT pulls during Sand Empire, so maybe I’ll get some more help there.

Interesting situation. Thanks for sharing all that. I definitely wish you good luck in the push and will be curious to see how it goes, if you give any updates.

Having moved to Diamond recently, and some days still just barely clinging to the bottom overnight, I think I can say that the most important factor for me has been having three robust heroes in each color; it is very rare for me to fight a raid without a 3tack (opting for a 3/2 or a 3/1/1). Basically, at least a five star at 3.70, but better if a maxed four star, or an emblemed four star. It sounds like you’re close to that point (e.g., Leo, Poseidon, Danza should work for your yellow 3tack).

As I’ve thought about this more, I’d say swap them in now. Two reasons:

  1. No downside: it’s not like that defense will cause you to tumble out of Platinum.
  2. It’ll be edifying: for example, maybe it’ll be stronger and you’ll shift to that for your war defense, which will help you and your alliance.

Ugh. I really hate color stacking. Seems like it rarely works for me, except on titans. But you are right - I am almost to that point.

  • Red: Gormek +9, Kelile 4^70, Kelile 3^60 (I really need another red, but I don’t have anything else higher than a three-star)
  • Blue: Sonya +7, Grimm 4^70, Boril 4^10 and rising
  • Green: Melendor +7, Skittleskull 4^70, Caedmon 4^35 and rising
  • Purple: Sabina +9, Tiburtus +8, Ameonna 3^60, Rigard 3^51 and rising
  • Yellow: Poseidon 4^49 and rising, Onatel 3^70, Danzaburo +9 (Leo is still at 1^1; just drew him two weeks ago).

Yes, I almost went with Poseidon at tank for this war, but it started before I could make the switch. Good idea.

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By way of update, I did move Poseidon go tank, and I anticipate he will be at 4^80 by tomorrow. I haven’t noticed a ton more defense wins, but what I think I’ve noticed - no formal tracking, just perception - is that I’m getting raided a lot less with him at tank. Since I’m not getting hit as often, I seem to be staying comfortably above 2100 cups, which is still a net win. Perhaps trying to lure people in with Danza at tank was the wrong strategy. The attacker always has the advantage. Scaring them off with Poseidon at tank seems to be working slightly better. Boril is still probably a week away from being ready to tank, but I may just go with this for a while. If Poseidon holds up marginally well, it would be nice to give cleric emblems to Rigard instead. Thanks for the suggestion to kick the tires on this, @IvyTheTerrible.


That makes sense. A four star, even emblemed, just doesn’t have the same intimidation factor as a five star. Being attacked less and losing the same amount would definitely suggest a stouter defense, as those who actually attack you are a self-selecting group. I’d guess that teams that can easily take down Poseidon (i.e., those built to take down Guinevere, for whom any other yellow is often trivial) aren’t legion in that cup range.

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What you say makes lots of sense as always @IvyTheTerrible - but I recently switched Poseidon+1 in as tank in my raid def and he honestly seems to be doing better there than Kunchen did. I’m very surprised, just tried it looking for a new war def setup.

Kunchen+5 is now demoted to left flank. I thought I would be wrecked by all the anti Guin teams you mentioned, but apparently not. Am suspecting those teams might have a lot of emblemed Proteii and Hels (like my own :>) and maybe that’s part of it…

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That’s really interesting. I’m not tracking this at all - it’d take too long given how rare Poseidon is at tank, so my team could actually materially change during the experiment - but I have noticed I’m struggling against him (at tank) at times. It’s hard to put much faith in just my impressions, but it’s not at all clear to me if I’m struggling with him as much as Guinevere (who I definitely DO struggle against) or possibly even more. The fact that it’s even a question in my mind is fairly suggestive that at a minimum he’s far from a non-factor for me to attack when he’s a tank.

It could be that teams that are designed to beat Guinevere actually do NOT find it trivial to wipe another yellow tank - maybe I was totally wrong to say that a moment ago. :stuck_out_tongue: I mean, once a purple hero does drop their skill on Guin, there’s a good chance that the fight is close to over. In contrast, if Poseidon fires (which he does sooner than Guin), he’s more likely to generate / facilitate a kill. Plus that purple now cannot fire.

I believe Rigard with emblems and mana shield against Guin is an increasingly common counter. It would seem the equivalent lineup against Poseidon may be Sabina (or Domitia). Maybe that’s not as potent a team. Or Sabina isn’t as likely to hold emblems. Or she’s more likely to die first…


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