What hero should I use a tank for my defense team?

Hi you guys!

Been reading a lot of helpful posts on this forum and learned a lot. One thing that I have learned specifically is that hero leveling and use are both very individual.

Making my first post on here, I’m asking you guys for advice and recommendations on what hero from my rooster I could possibly use as a tank on my defense team.

My current defense team is the following:

And yes, I am aware that Hansel and Proteus are better off in events and offense, but - believe or not - I’ve managed to keep myself within 1800-2300 cups even though my TP is only around 3300. My focus so far has been events so that I could get my hands on more ascension materials, hence why I don’t have as many leveled heroes for defense specifically.

As for my rooster, I only have 8 x 5* heroes (including Horghall and Noor, rip):

A majority of the forum has pegged Thorne as useless, but he and Malosi were some of the first 5* heroes I got and I deemed Thorne more durable as a tank. Now I’m trying to figure out what hero(es) I could focus on leveling as the future tank of my defense team.

I’m also open for tips regarding Flanks and Wings!

Rigard. Give him as many emblems as you can. He’ll be a great tank all the way up through platinum.

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Rigard is a great choice. Or, Boril costume with emblems could be tough too.

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Having to chose whether I should give Rigard or Hansel emblems is gonna be hell. Would it be smarter to focus on both simultaneously or fully emblem one before the other?

Boris is tough, but I easily beat him with Melendor (costume) and Hansel. Seems like Rigard is more durable then, especially if I get his costume later on. Thanks for the input!

Makes sense. You’d be amzed at how many people don’t bring a dispeller with Boril, Cyprian, elena or Sif. Boril is tankier, but Rigard heals. Fine choice.

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You shouldn’t be even thinking about levelling 5* heroes at this point.
And to be totally honest, defence is a very, very low priority right now, too.

Finish some more 4* heroes, get some more functions covered (dispel/cleanse, healing) and then move on to 5’s when you’re at least 15-20 maxed 4* deep.

You’ve got some great heroes there and they’ll take you a long way, but until you start finishing some, progress is gonna be slow.

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Gotta appreciate a good dispeller and taking the time to actually look at the opposing team before attacking haha

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Totally. And honestly that’s the most fun part of the game to me. Looking at all five enemies and accounting for each one if possible. Granted with the current meta my attacking team is always Boldtusk-G Falcon - Jean Francois - Mitsuko - Vela with the 90% Telluria tanks out there.

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Yeah, I see your point. It’s easy to get excited over 5* heroes and want to work on them, but I realize that I need quite a few more 4* heroes to carry me further.
Just ascended Melendor and Rigard earlier today, after embleming Hansel. So I’m definitely putting the greatest focus on 4* heroes, but also leveling some of my 5* depending on how my color scheme leveling works out.
The reason for this is that I’m only missing 1 of each 4* mat (except purple, notice I didn’t even work past any ascension level of Clarissa), so I want some 5* heroes to be ready for their last ascension level. For example I specifically choose Melendor over Gregorian even though I’m close to getting his last mat due to POV.

The only thing I’m not getting is why I shouldn’t focus on defense team?
Since I’ve gotten to platinum (two weeks ago) I’ve already gotten two scopes and one tabard from my chests (granted, one of them was elemental). So I thought it’d be good to focus on a tank for defense in wars and raids specifically, which in my case turns out to be a great healer as well (Rigard, since I’ve decided to go with him for now).

Telluria is a nightmare. Not invincible, but just generally annoying. Took some time getting used to her, but now I’m trying to see the positive in finding creative ways to kill her off lol. Your go-to team sounds pretty well put together, kudos to you Chadmo! :slight_smile:

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In my honest opinion, looking at your roster of 4 star heroes you have some of the best for Tank position:
Red - Boldtusk
Purple - Rigard And Cyprian
Blue - Kiril and Boril
For your 5 star I would say Missandra before Thorne. But Clarissa plays Well in tank Position too

The main focus when raiding is opening your chest in as high a level as you can. That is mainly achieved with your offense. You said your current defense holds you between 1800-2300 cups, which means you should be opening your chests in platinum. That is really good for your level.

For tank, I used BT as my tank through platinum and Marjana into low diamond. Now I am using Justice and sit between 2400-2650 cups. But it’s about the team you can build and how they work together. BT works great with heavy hitters that he can boost the attack of. Marjana is beefy and can survive long enough to give her teammates a chance to charge up.

Boril is very beefy for a 4* but as a riposter his beefiness and high defense are a bit of a clash. They prevent him from hitting back that hard. He works well with a strong healer to give him more chances to counterattack. As a riposter Cyprian is actually better suited to the role.

I’d stick with 4* for the moment, a 3-70 5* is in general not really as good as a 4-70 4*. I’d get Caedmon, Grimm, Tiburtus, BT, Kiril maxed.

Just not Horghall, ever.


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