What should I do next?

Ok so here are my top 2 teams (BK will get emblems as soon as i build up my fiod), yeam 3 is waiting on acention mats. The next 3 teams are toons I belive I should level next. I have 1 of almost all major 4* and a bunch of 3* maxed or on the verge of being maxed. I’m just wondering if A) the ones I am waiting to ascend are good choices and if my up and comers are good choices. Thanks in advance this group always has such great advice :slight_smile:

I’m quite new to the game, but I would definitely level Rigard, Poppy and Treevil. They’re all worth limit breaking and embleming.
I have Captain, but not sure if I should try and level him or not, so will be looking for people’s opinions on him as well.

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Congrats on the roster. And on the Topaz pull. Which aspect of the game are you currently focused on? Finishing seasons, challenges, raid tourneys and war, or other?

Actually I’m not concentrated on any one aspect. I work the seasons, I Participate in raids and War, and wack a titan when one pops up. I guess I have been concentrating on building a roster more than anything. I am currently in a training alliance but now that I have some heavy hitters I’m looking to move up into one that works 4 and 5* titans (I currently beat on 1 and 2*) I am not consistent enough of a player to be in a truly competitive alliance but a step up would be nice.

Nice roster.
For your 3*:
I would focus on levelling both Treevil and Poppy.
For your 4*:
I would focus on levelling Costume Rigard, Gullinbursti, Guardian Jackal, Jott
For your 5*:
I would focus on Hel, Mitsuko, Costume Mother North, Costume Vivica

Whichever heroes you choose good luck

PS: don’t bother with either Carol or Captain of Diamonds (yet)


I’m assuming that you are using same colour feeders.

Green: finish mother North costume, then Caedmon ; Yunan is meh , Zocc is very useful in many areas of the game
Blue: Jott then Snow White and costume ; CoD is bleh
Red: feed to MN costume until better options
Purple: Hel , Treevil , Rigard and costume
Yellow: finish Viv (and costume), until you get ascension materials finish Gullinbursti


So out of curiosity, when should he be levelled, or should I not bother at all?
For when I get somewhere near to that stage

got new hero’s maybe update yah thread :green_heart::+1::wink:

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I’d say when you need a hero to destroy minions, like everyone does in order to do the final level of Season 4. There are other anti-minion heroes (4* and 5*) but I would hold onto, and level, Cpt of Diamonds eventually to finish Season 4 and assist in other minion-heavy situations.

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Thanks. Useful to know for the very distant future then.