Been grinding quiet a bit, what now

Ok I have been on a hero leveling run for the past few days, pretty much got my main team as high as they can go right now with exception of hu tao .I was told to leave him at 3/60. I have a few questions though. Should I take Evelyn out of my main lineup and start leveling another green. Or am I even using the best lineup I can have any advice would be greatly appreciated! i guess it may help to tell what lineup i am running from left to right, Tiburtus,Evelyn,Boldtusk,Sonya and Hu TaoScreenshot_2019-06-21-13-14-48|230x500

You could consider having a rainbow 4* team before working on the 5* heroes. Especially if you don’t have that ascension materials for them.

4* heroes would help you to get more mats.

Finish Sonya, Caed maybe even Hu. Consider saving emblems for 4 and 5 star heroes.

thanks for the advice, i would love to max out sonya but unfortunately i have been waiting on a warm cape for months now, in your opinion should i start on caedmon before leveling kashrek

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Kashrek is a good tank on defence. Caedmon is useful on titans, war and events/quests. Usually offensive scenarios bring in the mats. But your feeders already put in Kashrek are not wasted, he is a good hero also!

What level of titan your alliance is taking? Do you fill chests regularly? Sounds like a long time waiting for a cape.

titans are usually 7 and 8 star, and yeah i fill chest alright i guess. i agree it has been awhile waiting on ascension items for sonya

Yepp happens sometimes, rng gods are not merciful…

You’ll get there with time!

IMO with what you have I would swap Kashhrek & Evelyn and run with that. While waiting on AM level Belith, Hawkmoon, because you need healers & Danzaburo for sure. Not sure how much you do summons but you need more teams for alliance wars and 3*'s are faster to level.

thank you for your info, i went ahead and swapped out evelyn for kashrek. i already have a maxed out belith. i havent put to much time into hawkmoon or danzaburo. seems like that all i have been doing is leveling up all these 3 stars. i have had gravemaker for a month now and havent hardly touched him. can you recommend a good defense team with this junk i have to work with.

I was told any defense can be defeated focus on your offense team. I do alot of revenge and that’s how my cups stay about 2000/2200 with a 4* team

I second that. Mats often comes from offensive scenarios, not defence.

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