Defense Team? Offense Team? Next steps?

Hey there,

after some lucky pulls, I’m not quite sure, what to do anymore.
After pulling Boldtusk finally, I levelled him in 6 days to +9.

My defense ist now:
Sonya, Caedmon, Boldtusk, Li Xiu, Proteus

Attacking, I swap heroes more often, mainly Sonya with Grimm, sometimes LX with Rigard.
I’m not quite sure, if BT as only healer in defense will work good enough? Also he is no 40%+ healer like Rigard, but whom to swap out for instead?

At the moment I powerlevel Wu for Titans. He will get my future monk emblems, but I thought of letting LX rest at +4.

Next plans are:
max Sabina, give her all my emblems, then max Domitia. Then Tibs, then Ameonna. Then 2019 is over…
max King Arthur, then Kiril, then Triton.
max Elena. Should I give her emblem? Or let them stuck at BT?
bring Horghall to 3.70, then max Muggy, then??
With Yellow I’m not sure, if Chao is a waste of AM? Or 2nd LX? 3rd LX?

So, at the moment I’m around 2.200 Cups and i want go go upwards, not sure with which team I can hold the cups with.
With green I’m hoping for Lianna of course, I don’t want to waste my tonics on Horghall… But I could be stuck with him for months and years, maybe stick with which you have?
Should I later on remove all Emblems from Sonya to give them to King Arthus?
Which is my best ranger? Tibs or Triton?

Whats the best, a f2p/c2p can do with my roster?

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Hey Marcello,

You’re pretty close to diamond tier, which is ideal for you at this point. You can raid your way to that tier and then open the hero wanted chest.

Mainly regarding your green hero choice; personally I would wait until you have 12 tonics before you give them to Horghall. I got Kadilen before I gave him any tonics, very glad I did. I chose to level her instead when I got my 12th tonic, she’s not Lianna but she’s better than Horghall for sure.

While you wait for those tonics, honestly just work on Muggy, then either a duplicate Jack, or Little John or Skittleskull. Jack makes the latter two pretty irrelevant though – all of them are squishy and hit like trucks, but Jack is fast – the only time imo where Little John or Skittleskull would be better is in Rush Attack tournaments.


Thanks for your advice!

Actually today I had more trophies than anytime before… but I can’t stay there with my actual defense team… =/

Any help for the other colors? What about the emblem dilemma?

You and I have very similar roster.

Unfortunately you are in the same place just like me. IMO In order to stay in Diamond (Im sure you can make it to Diamond) we are both going to need at least 2 maxed 5*'s.

My 5*'s are Evelyn (3:70) Elena (3:61) Richard (1:1) Inari (3:60) Seshat (3:56). Working on Boril (3:57) now, reason Richard is 1:1.

As far as emblems go it’s on you and your choice for offense. Me personally I would use emblems on characters who are good in offense & defense. You do have the rare ones like Grimm where you can’t help but use emblems on them because they are so great.

Also not sure what you don’t like about Chao. He is a fast mana sniper & you do have a maxed Hu Tao.

About taking emblems from Sonya to give to King Arthur I wouldn’t worry about that yet. If you are running a TC20 you could get something better or get a lucky pull during Atlantis with coins.

Maybe like @DaveCozy said wait until you get 12 4* AM before taking any 5* to final ascension is a good idea & a chance for something better to come.

Just my 2 cents
Happy gaming & good luck with RNG pulls

I would recommend not maxing horghall yet. Several of my alliance mates have and he has let them down.

As far as your blue and purple 5* go, I would get kiril, triton, and tibs maxed before working on the 5*.

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Yes @Killen-time is right it is recommended that you have at least 3 in each color maxed before moving on to 5*'s.

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Thank you both, too…

Still no clue for my defense team… =/

I’m going to wait with Horghall after 3.70. But for purple I got three 4* heroes maxed…

Caedmon - Boldtusk - Rigard - Li Xiu - Grimm
Caedmon - Boldtusk - Cyprian - Li Xiu - Sonya
Jack - Proteus - Boldtusk - Hu Tao - Grimm

You have a few variations of teams to play with
Just change up to see which hold cups better

Where you are lacking at is healers of different colors, like Kiril & Melendor. Also more maxed of other colors. For instance in yellow you only have Li Xiu & Hu Tao. Most shy away from slow mana characters.

Your roster is coming along great. You just have a little more work but you will be fine. Have a little more patience you will get there in no time.

I run this team alot on defense



I will try Caed - BT - Rigard - LX - Grimm for starters. Not sure about the rabbit in Def…

In green I’m still waiting vor Melendor and Kasshrek… I really hate Kash as a tank…

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