Help with levelling

I’m thinking of getting rid of Sharan, because even though she’s ascended I feel Colen and Shaarkot are more useful.
My question is, who would be better to use her on? Colen or Shaarkot to get the extra 20%, or someone else?

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I would not feed her away yet. You’ll want 30 heroes for titans and war, so every hero helps for now.

In general I wouldn’t level any 1 or 2 stars if you have a better hero available.


So you think I should just have one of each hero, then level?

I wouldn’t necessarily keep one of each hero, but work to have 30 heroes.

There are plenty of new player threads with good advice.


Thanks very much for that.
I already had a few links from another thread about beginners stuff.
It’s just I’m not participating in war and I’m not passing my levels because my teams aren’t strong enough, so i wanted to get them to a decent level before I start anything else.

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Agree with @Ruskin505

Don’t get rid of Sharan til you obtain more heroes; besides Rigard, she’s your only other healer. You’ll need em for things like war. I know it’s tempting to get the big EXP boost immediately, but leveling Colen is gonna take awhile no matter what (which, btw, if you must feed to someone, it would be him)

However, once you do get your TC’s further along, and churn out enough 3*+ heroes, then sure; go ahead and feed her away without regrets. By then, someone else will be hungry anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Healers are imporant, no matter where you are in the game. You’ve been lucky enough getting Rigard so early in the game (took me about a year to get my first Rigard). He’s a great hero, people still use him even after years of gameplay, but leveling him will take lots of resources and patience, so my advice, keep Sharan for a while, level her up, it will be a lot faster than leveling Rigard. This game is a fluid envoirment, there’s no telling where it will flow for you…


I 'll say keep using Sharan until you have Hawkmoon,…Belith, Frosty, Helo,…Candy…Grevle…leveled!

Mind you Rigard is perfectly usable at 3.60, you don’t have to take him all the way up to use him. Although early on even getting to 3.60 is a bit resource intensive…

Oh, and get that Bane up before Wu Kong - Wu is great, but what you need right now is heroes who can hit stuff. You are likely to be using Bane for a long time, even end-game in tournaments and rare events.

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I rode Layla for a very long time in the early part of this game. It was a sad day when she (and Sharan) went to the glue factory. Sharan will carry you until you find Hawkmoon on your roster and you have her levelled.

Good luck on your adventure!! And don’t be too quick to work on your 4*. Be sure to build a solid base of 3*

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Oh yes, I think Layla was the last 2* I was using for ages. Needler did sterling work for a long while too. I also remember Sha-Ji with fondness.

I slightly disagree. Yes, healers are very important, but in this case Rigard is the healer to use, because he is already stronger than Sharan.
I would keep one copy of Sha-Ji though, once you get him.

For the moment, keep all 3* and better you get, decide on two 2* per color to keep for a short while, but focus on leveling your most useful heroes (same color feeding for 20% extra xp).

Thanks for all the advice.
Will keep Sharan for now. Still not sure if I want to do war, but will definitely build up my teams anyway.

That’s no Wu Kong, but a always mistake them for each other too :wink:

You could get rid of the the trainer heroes though, that could be beneficial.

When you’re at the stage constantly repeat province 8 stage 7 to gain more feeders and experience.

Also when you’re there try to get troops which can improve your mana speed, you’ll know what I mean as you play more and when you read the articles.

Don’t be tempted to spend money and if you are then try to stick to the vip deals, that’s best value.

Also you remember fire beats nature, ice beats fire, nature beats ice and dark and holy are stronger than each other.

I wish you plenty of luck and enjoyment from the game, this forum is always full with plenty of people more than happy to help.

Best wishes


OMG! I feel like a proper fool now. At least the “do Bane first” bit was right!

If you can save up gems for another summon, then you will have five heroes that are 3* or higher. That will be enough to get through many map stages. Keep in mind, everyone gets stuck at some point - even if you have the best heroes! That’s normal. At that point, the game intends for you to go back to previous stages to farm for experience and materials until you are a bit stronger, at which point you can re-try the tough level. If you level your heroes a little bit and come back, you are usually able to beat that level you were stuck at. Consumables are also very strong for hard levels: arrows, axes, and potions.

You can also try bringing more than 1 hero of a color instead of 1 from each color. That will make tile damage from that color much stronger as the attack power is combined for all heroes of that color. You can use that same concept in raids and wars - it’s quit common to bring 3, 4, or even 5 of the same color. And don’t forget about ghosting tiles (sending them into an empty gap) - this gives twice as much mana.

That’s what I’ve been doing actually.
Currently stuck on 11-6, so have been farming to try and get over it.
Thanks for the info about the extra summons though, will give that a try.

Thank you so much.
Am already farming 6-8 and 8-7 for heroes and troops.
But the tip about the trainer heroes is great. Have levelled up Colen and we’ll see what happens.
Thanks again

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