What order for the rings

So I need some advice from you fine folks on here. I pulled Marjana finally about a month ago after waiting a long time ( my wife pulled her in her first epic summon token). I have her at 3/70 and finally got a damascus blade to finish up another hero. I was going to level her up fully and then I pulled Garnet from Ninja. She looks(to me) to be possibly a top tier healer with that overheal and resistance to status effects. I have a leveling team that I use for all easy content so I have been working with her and she is getting to 3x in six ghosted tiles. I love my Heimdall but she might even be better when she is finished. So now I have Garnet in the mix. Then last night I pulled Lady Loki who I have been hoping to get since she came out. I have 18 rings so I can eventually level them all fully once I get 2 more Damascus blades. Any thoughts on what order to do them in? For content, I have Heimdall, C Rigard, Kiril, two BT and Vivica for healers, Seshat, Poseidon and Magni for Snipers and I have Myztero but only at 3/70 since I have not been that impressed with him as of yet. Lady Loki looks to be what Myztero should have been. Any advice is appreciated.

Do you have already maxed some 5 reds? Or it will be your first one?

The call is a tough one my friend. All your 5 in carpet are so good and excelent in what they do. Maybe Marjana is a little underwhelming as sniper but with emblems you solve the low attack. I will personally would do


Shes a better Grazul. Its like Heimdall and Grazul had a child. So if you need a healer and a top red support she will fit the role perfectly.

Lady Loki

Some damage plus a cleanse that bounces back all the status aliments.


The only red sniper alongside Gefjon

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For maxed five star reds I have Tyr and only Tyr. I have Baldur, Noor and Elena (w/ costume) all at 3/70 but was not willing to pull the trigger. I am intrigued with Baldur but I do not put him above the other three I had listed before.
For four stars I have Wilbur, two BT, Falcon, Sumitomo, Colen and Gormek.

I had figured with the abilities of the three gals, Garnet or Lady Loki were first with Loki maybe having a slight edge with the current meta still leaning towards Tell- GM - Vela.

For sure Lady and Garnet have priority over Marj.
Which is your set up when raiding? Mono red or a 3-2 approach?

Colen- Falcon- Sumitomo- Wilbur- Boldtusk

I typically raid 3/2 with a 4/1 every once in awhile. I have not had much luck with mono. When I raid red on Telluria tanks, I normally run one color for the opposing tank ( Magni or Heimdall - he helped get me to 97th in the world a few weeks ago) , Falcon, BT, Tyr and Wilbur.

U’ll maxed both eventually. Depends on ur priority right now. But to give u an idea, 1 strong sniper of each color is essential

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